Sunday, 21 December 2014

Sleepless in Sundee

Wonka here.  This folks is Day 21 of the good month of December!  AND it is the shortest day. To brighten it up a tad here is our cartoon advent............

Here it is again!  just look a that beauty cover...there is me naturellement and there is the glass snowstorm with the tree and the falling star and look, there is the Christmas Wish List too.  I do hope you make time to have a little read of this story to put you in the spirit of Christmas folks!  Did I mention to make a wish yourself?  Go on then!  we love it. x
Sleepless in Sundee para.  I CANNOT GET BACK TO SLEEP muttered Owner going toss turn turn toss til I thought I would never get some zzzzzzzzzzz myself.  Bertie Bubb he just snored away,and when he isn't snuffling and snorting he is growling.  I've got a parcel of dysfunctional cats moans up Owner when she thought I wasn't listening.  personally I like it how it is, and if I hear one more time about the introduction of a small Boolley aka Monkey into our tribe (parcel??) I might have to speak out.  Even daughter has told Owner to (quote) THINK HARD.  Well perhaps not today when in the end Owner took her own sage advice and got up to make a cup of tea.  Not sure about the ginger biscuits but you know we have had a ginger day recently.  So then she has to have a snoozle on my giant luxury nest aka the settee.  WAKE UP Owner!  I kept shouting at her.  There was essential shopping to do for one thing, and of course my snacks need topping up.  Now last night we got through a grand finale with different winners to who we wanted. BOO goes Owner to no one there.  We love Simon and Kristina and hope they are over losing out.  people do say put it down to experience and my bet is that these same people have never lost out at what they really really wanted. x
Final sleepless para.  tonight we are clinging to whatever looks Christmassy and that is The Family Man. with Nicholas Cage in one of his better film roles there I have said it..  I like it so far in and am not putting up a fight to turn it over or off.  Then all it is, is the apprentice finale.  it is all finales folks.    There is a good film on at 10 30 pm if Owner can stay awake that long.  I LOVE RAY CHARLES she goes to me all interested.  but will you love him at half ten I says back?  She didn't hear me above slipping into a pre Christmas worrywart.  it happens every year folks and means making lists and checking.  Now the good week is upon us and for some means a lot of jollyment and such.  Also for some it means a time to remember who is here and who is not.  Do I have to say a prayer for Baba and Golly I says to Owner?  ~She says it is alright they are happy and safe with St Francis who as you know heads up the sanctuary on the other side.  We love them loads, and little Mouse who is also safe now.  Now do go steady yourselves good folks out there in the Wold especially if you are missing someone in your family.  Big Love Wonka x