Saturday, 6 December 2014

North Star Satdee

Wonka here:  another little treat for you on Day 6 of December.....
There we are!!  lots of stars and there is Neddy riding through the night towards the Returns Dept where all the magic is, and wishes are processed to come true!  On his back is of course little Joe fast asleep and there in the centre is the snowstorm.   The secrets begin inside the globe and with a falling star!  I love it. x
Main and final north star para:  it is synchronicity at work drones Owner when she returns from her Christmas lunch out at the North Star hotel.  Which is naturally situated in the middle of nowhere and close to the chilly blue sea.  Personally, I like the middle of nowhere and I'm pretty sure that's where Bertie comes from.  Now the Boolleys as you know all live in the Land of Front Bedroom, and Ruggles dear boy, has immigrated to us from OUT THERE land. and a very chilly out there land it is tonight too.  Did you enjoy it at the North Star I ventured up to Owner showing that special interest prior (good use of word) to my tea time.  WE SAT IN A DIFFERENT PLACE she says back, and, get this, she sampled their nut roast.  and survived it.  What did Owner mean though going on about synchronicity?  she reckons that Stars are popping up all over the shop ever since she announced that Joe's Christmas was the next story to be told.  and it is all about stars as you know.   It is our biggest story to date and I like to think the greatest story, next to that other one of course.  (the one about the babe who gets to be born in a shed AND has people following him all to do with stars! more stars!!).... We are about to embark on our usual Satdee night fare of staring trance like at dancers and singers until Owner says she has had enoughski.  So do go steady yourselves out there in the Wold wherever you are in it.  Big Love Wonka x