Tuesday, 9 December 2014

North wind doth blow Tuesdee

Wonka here.  It is now Day 9 of December and we are very nearly there.  nearly there what?  you all shriek up....nearly there with this:

There he is!!  Neddy, the rocking horse who belongs to little Joe, and who takes us all with him on a magical journey in this story.  It is our special Christmas Story for our little but precious audience and as you know I have even let Owner's illustrations go in it.  I am nothing if not generous.  Except towards Tinkers, Bertie and Rugg.  I love it x

Final north wind para.  The wind dear folks is a bit like you, shrieking round the corners and getting in the windows and under the doors.  NO ONE says Owner, SHOULD BE OUT IN THAT.  Well of course there are people and animals out in it, and we hope they are all well wrapped up.  Me?  been in the Narnia cupboard mostly with my mate Bertie bubb.  alright he is not my mate then.  I did have a brief scrap with Tinkers which Owner said was warranted (big word but I like it).  How so?  you all query up.. because she sat on the same spot I like to sit on, on my best giant bed (the new settee).  The Boolleys are all dangling around the Land of Front Bedroom OR in their igloo.  Owner put her foot down today with the nice agency and school, hence no work.  BUT I said to her soothingly, you were right to value yourself Owner, when they are not.  I AGREE she says back.  EVEN IF I DO END UP OUT OF WORK AGAIN.  I mean you know I worry about being starving and such, but I have put plenty of good wishes in the wishing well so the future is taken care of.  Does it extend though I ventured up to Owner, to paying for a pack of four catnip mice for the Boolleys? They need toys she shouts up.  Hmmmm.  Now do keep warm, and snug, and I hope your day was as restful as Owner's, my scrapping aside.  My advent was a cat called Georgia and Owner had a star.  yes.  Do go steady out there in the Wold good folks wherever you are in it.  Big Love Wonka x