Saturday, 13 December 2014

Sparkly Satdee

Wonka here.  Day 13 of good December folks!!  And here is our little cartoon advent.....

There we are!! our final offering of Neddy and little Joe before the big day of self publishing on #smashwords oooohhhhh!!! do look out for another in the #wonka series called:  Wonka presents The Story of Joe's Christmas.  It is our longest short story yet says Owner and hopes that all will enjoy this fully illustrated version.  Owner, I says up to her, they will love it! x

Sparkle ahoy para.  is it Christmas yet some of you are saying, and yet some of our faithful readers are a little bit BAH HUMBUG!!  This is from our hero Mr Charles Dickens who invented that saying and it does mean people who do NOT like Christmas and think it is all silly.  We are MINT humbug about it which means..............WE LOVE IT.

Final sparkle away para.  today passed by in a dream for me and Bertie Bubb whilst Ruggles did go out into the wilds of the BACKYARD and beyond land.  it was frosty and such like out there reports Owner when she stumbled back in from her double whammy visits.  I've got a calendar and a diary she gasps up once she had finished the feeding frenzy and let Ruggles into KITCHEN land.  She says she is sick of repeating herself to all.  WHAT I said up before I realised this would mean she had to repeat all of that again.  STOP IT WONKA she said, but she was sparkly smiling so that is alright.  Even though we have next week booked out for essential repairs she is STILL smiling.  Mundee for important meetings with someone to do with aged sibling, Tuesdee for the new boiler to be popped in, and Wednesdee for the new washer that we used to adore but don't anymore, to be inspected by a repair person.  THEY WILL TRY AND SAY IT IS ME moans up Owner, but personally I cannot see anyone challenging Owner at present, not even a pesky Viking if and when they turn up.  Now we must dash as the semi final of the dancing is on the good tv followed by a FINAL hex factor.  This is what I put up with in this house, and listen up!  I love it!!  our money is on Haenow Haenow to win it and not, not the one that gets on Owner's remaining nerve.  Do go steady out there in the Wold good folks wherever you are in it and tomorrow we hope to bring you our Christmas Story,  Big Love Wonka x