Monday, 2 June 2014

Dreamy Mundee

Wonka here.  Owner reports being in a kitchen sorting through a load of cutlery as well as some other stuff that has floated away.  That's dreams for you I said zzzzzzzzz and then the alarm went off again as it was on snooze and Owner had said 2 MORE MINUTES.  And the rest.  Bertie happened to be on the bed too but we avoided that clash of personalities due to Owner going STOP IT NOW.  I reckon it makes Owner wake up faster, well that and me jumping on her toes.  We love it.

Fresh half asleep para.  Owner said has gone through day in a dream.  A NICE ONE I HOPE I ventured (like it) when she fell back in with more supplies.  I had to remind the check out lady she had forgotten my change even though it was just 25 p said Owner.  so we think everyone was in a dream today good folks out there possibly dreaming too.  Owner's theory goes like this 1. (list) It is the beginning of the month and there is a lot to do. 2.  People have been on holiday and are slowly coming back to the reality of our hamster wheel existence. 3. Some people are not getting enough sleep.  Me? thanks for asking, well as you know I do like a little siesta on top of my naps and resting up and quite frankly when I am awake I am fully awake and alert.  I have to be on top of my game what with Bertie to keep an eye on now and the others.  Talking of games, our cartoon today is all about me having a game with my toys.
There is Owner up top throwing my toys down the hall at me, and there I am at the bottom left just catching one with my paw!  in case we run out I have a nice posh carrier bag with more toys in it.  My best and fave toy is a nondescript (love it) small plastic capsule that you get in those choc eggs with minute toys in.  I have been batting it round for years and I love it , it is far and away my comfort toy of all toys.  Owner calls it 'YOUR SPECIAL TOY' Wonka and she loves it too.
Fresh final dreamy para.  Owner has been on a cleaning jag as she calls it and don't ask me why or what either.  From time to time she realises we are living in a dark and dingy dust ridden hole and has to put this right in about half an hour of frenzied activity.  I help out of course by resting up usually on the giant nest upstairs where I am unlikely to be disturbed I mean get under Owner's feet.  As well as that she has taken a vague and dreamy interest in the French open that is the tennis good folks.  Murray mint is somehow still thrashing the ball away with a chappie called Fernando (like it) and both of them or one of them is making those daft shouty noises to go with it.  The commentator has just said that one of them is 'fragel' and 'emotionally on the ropes'.  Blimey, we've got more in common than I thought goes Owner!  Now tonight lucky for us, is the double whammy of Corrie and single whammy of Enders.  We are expecting Teenah to shuffle off her corrie coils much to Reetah's distress as she is going on a guilt trip now about that slap.  IT'S TOO LATE NOW goes Owner,( a bit short on the sympathy I thought) for feeling sorry, Teenah is to quote the good Doctor, deteriorating.  YES.  alongside this is the sad and sorry storyline of Anna and Owen.  The more Anna says she had no choice but to sleep with the villain of all villains,  Mr Nasty Phelan, the less likely that choice seems.  We love born again Christian Owen and have taken against Anna who is making faces like Staycee did.  This does not help us like her goes Owner.  How to get through Enders without David to save it from complete farcical farces we don't know.  WE WILL GIVE IT A CHANCE says Owner.   I did ask her if she was fully awake but she didn't hear me above checking the oven and her baked potatoe.  Ruggles has been like clockwork, Mr Beau has not been and Tinkers has not been seen.  it is all go here and we love it.  Now do go steady out there in the Wold wherever you are in it.  Big Love Wonka x