Thursday, 5 June 2014

Stop the World Thursdee

Wonka here.  Is it raining you all worry, or have you finally run out of cat food.  No that is not it.  Guess what it is that has turned this good day into a STOP THE WORLD day?  no that is not it either.  Here follows a list of what it is not 1.  Owner's hair, this continues to look nice despite all her washings and product 2.  The job that wants to be a better job.  although this often makes Owner grumble it was not the culprit today. 3.  Us lot.  Owner loves us all to the hilt and says if it wasn't for us she would have packed a bag and flung off to Scotland a long time ago. 4. Enders.  It wasn't on last night and although it is on tonight, I have a feeling Owner will link in to the darkest storyline with ease.  5.  run out of ideas now so will have to give you a clue.  Aged parent.

Fresh Stop the World para.  What about it you all sit up and say?  After a night spent tossing and turning whether to say anything or not, Owner gets up and makes a decision to say something.  IT IS A SIMPLE MATTER she says to me.  in which case, I said to Owner you can expect it to be blown out of all proportion and end up needing the President of the US of A to send in his latest crack troops to sort it out.  Wonka she says, have you heard the expression taking a sledgehammer to crack a nut?  No I says back but I get the hang of it.  This is what happened good folks out there as in answer to Owner's quest to resolve this matter does an email come whizzing back suggesting a meeting.  This is like the red rag to the bull.  I am still calming Owner down and saying thinks like, it is only a silly email, don't send that first reply and finally, don't send that one either.  I love it.  To cheer Owner up and remind her of happier times there is a small cartoon of Owner reaching a decision (not today's one!!) about holidays...

Here we are with me watching as Owner writes her lists and looks things up and hours later makes a decision.  A happy decision about holidays.  I love it.
Final draw the curtains on the day para.  Wonka, she goes to me later on.  I think I made the wrong decision. Owner I goes back, the only wrong decision is no decision.  and good folks out there I like that quote so much I might have it catwrited.(!!).  Now you will be forgiven for thinking that nothing else has gone on in this blighted day that went wrong for Owner.  The other thing I like to do is get Owner to admit the good things.  The HALF A GUINNESS in the fridge for a start off I ventured.  OH YES she said back.   It turns out Owner must have known it was a poor day as she has only gone and bought a new purple kettle and two new books.  I NEED THEM she said in her defence and because I spied a box of our best cat food pouches I said nothing.  Me and Bertie?  thanks for asking, have been resting up and eating (Bertie).  Tonight we will watch good Corrie which goes from strong storyline to another and we cannot wait for sorry for itself Peter to be arrested any minute for stoving Teenah's head in when really it was Team Tracee.  Back at Gails' house which is like the Queen Vic as it can take any amount of lodgers and family, well she is to visit the amateur burglar in prison as part of a scheme to make the burglar realise what a rotter he is.  In reality it is good Les Dennis and we love him lots already.  Enders cannot make Owner any worse than she already is.  I hope.  And I do hope your day good folks out there has been bearable.  England you want to know, those of you following the good football?  2 all it went to last night, and Murray mint managed to get through his match to play Rafa next up. Someone called it BIZARRE!  It is all to play for!  Now do go steady out there in the Wold good folks wherever you are in it.  Big love Wonka x