Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Squaring up Wednesdee

Wonka here.  Before you ask, YES WE DID! Owner did the usual wake up in the deep of the night and then not go back to sleep toss turn turn toss thinking about every single eensy weensy problem in her life starting and ending with being poverty stricken before dropping off and getting up at 9am.  Yes 9am.  Me and Bertie?  slumbered on too.  We loved it.

Fresh Square up to it Para.  Now that Owner is taking it easy you all gasp, you probably have nothing to tell us about her. NOT SO.  Other people have breaks (and breakdowns, which as you know have been written about at length by Owner) and sit around eating, drinking watching a bit of telly reading books and plenty of zzzzzzzzzzzzzz.  NOT OWNER.  Shall I do a washing?  she says to me first thing, I said how about a nice breakfast and read some of the paper bits from Satdee?  I know she says I will SORT OUT THE BROKEN OVEN AND GRILL.  Oh yes I said, because that's a restful thing to do.  And I must own up to running upstairs and under the bed whilst Owner got on the phone to the Wherever you are people who for a good monthly fee, will come out and repair it (whatever has gone wrong) (If only they could repair Owner's stress setting we'd be laughing...).  I could hear the phone call though and when Owner finished she reported that:  if I have been called love, sweetart, lovely, dear, back to the start...once he called me anything but my NAME.  and said I might not be the right person I might be masquerading as the person with the COVER.....Are they coming to fix it I ventured from the top of the stairs.  FRIDEE she goes, ANYTIME FRIDEE with a 30 minute warning.  personally, I think this service could be sent to any war zone and sort it out promptly by asking a series of daft winding up questions and then setting a day when the entire army is resting up to end the war.  Just saying.  I love it.

Fresh squared off para.  so for today's good cartoon we have this:

There she is lugging back more cement mix aka luxury litter and cans and pouches for Me, Bertie and Ruggles top.  She has included the new rose which is doing nicely.  We love it.  and Owner too.
Final all square para.  last night was a strange night with nothing on but footie or tennis and in the footie the demon player who saw Eng out of it, has again taken the spotlight FOR ALL THE WRONG REASONS! Until someone pronounces it as a FACT, says Owner, it is ALLEGED.  OH I goes.  Well this player looks like he is biting another player.  yes.  And if it is a bite and not an illusion, this will be his third one.  OH DEAR goes Owner, thinking of Neymar our golden boy, and Robin and even Messi who seem to concentrate more on goal scoring that making the headlines.  We did watch Enders and cannot understand why Shazzer is in possession of a shotgun.  Nor why Shirlee's son (no not Mick that is still a secret with FIL) is being nasty as she is not that horrid.  Back in the Vic, Mick keeps going to the baths and a bit like Owner doesn't get a swim in.  And that family keep on growing and reforming so that no one else gets a look in really.  tonight we have good Corrie and who knows who will get arrested this time, it could be Rita as she did have a row with Teenah before nasty Rob bashed her head in but likely suspect?  Norris will step in surely.   And when will Steve's mate's girlfriend get found out?  all these double lives when we can only just struggle along with the one.... footie?  we are even now clinging to Nigeria v Argentina it is a cracking match says Owner and is 2 all.  hang on, there is another goal by ARG!!  all are still on about England and the Manager and so on.  But says Owner, they all did their best.  Now Ruggles turned up late for his breakfast and again got the welcome of his life.  Bertie has had another brush out and Me? thanks for asking, just trying to rest up and enjoy the sunshine from the top of the sideboard.  Oh the tennis!!  Beloved Novak is battling away with Stepanek and is keeping cool and calm as we would expect of him.  Murray mint  trotted through his second match like a winner and no sight of Rafa as yet.  Stepanek has just finished off a volley by laying on the court.  We like him.  Now do go steady out there in the Wold folks wherever you are in it.  Big Love Wonka x