Monday, 30 June 2014

Dive in Mundee

Wonka here:  Lord love a I don't know where that came from!! Mundee is here and good folks out there all around the Wold, everyone are still on about #Robbens Dive!!  yes, and Owner watched it all happen....her verdict?  according to Owner he was tripped up and took full advantage of it.  Eventually Holland did win just like we wanted them to.  What else you all gasp eager for more news.  Columbia we think beat good Uruguay (without any biting!) and we even now glued to Nigeria v France.  Can #Karim sock it to them?  Owner thinks Nigeria are going for it.  Me?  thanks for asking, and it is bonne chance to France!!!!  Je t'adore!!

Dive into the day Para..  Owner has been very focussed and even (unprecedented..ooer) plugged in the monster upstairs.  Usually it sits there until it needs a bit of a dust over itself but oh no, I AM GOING TO HOOVER UPSTAIRS she announces.  I stayed put on the sideboard and Bertie has stayed pretty much in his downstairs lair all the day.  Is he alright you all pester to know?  At the last sighting he was gobbling down a salmon terrine sheba and looked fine.  End of Bertie report.  What else has Owner been doing to relax you all wonder....she did a washing in record time, and wanted to do another ( I said leave it), she has made the bed so fast I did not have time to help (by laying on it) and has been to the shops too.  Also, she has done the accounts (I hid under the bed for that) and made a phone call all without shouting or crying.  Again, this is a first.  We could put it down to the Vit C dosage OR just time out setting.  When you are having some TIME OUT you can deal with things.  I should know.  This is my life's work.  I love it.

Fresh diving in para.  for today's good photoshoot Owner has done a little cartoon for you good folks, and it is of.....the new shoes!!
here we are!! they are black leather too and the good assistant is bewildered by it all.  that is me safe at home and.....full of hope!!  we love it.
Fresh and final diving like a robben para.  Now tonight beyond the footie and the tennis as there is no escape and we have a new heroine!!  it is Miss Bouchard and she is from good Canada and as solid as a rock.  Me and Owner both supporting all the way. Unless we fall in love with someone else and we might.  Tomorrow is good US of A v Belgium and who knows but those pesky americans will all go MAD if they win!!  Now last night Owner managed to stay up and watch good Casualtee and nice Tess was in a train crash but good fletch her ex love of her life even though he was married rescued her.  yes.  and then agreed to LET HER GO.  all were crying except Charley nursey who without hardly saying a word advised him what to do.  We love him.  tonight we must follow Corrie for a whole hour and it is on early.  it will be charming bracelets maybe, gingertop and that new girl maybe and perhaps a little arrest of the WRONG MAN.   It is on early  BE WARNED I said to Owner in between her rushing around doing a little job here and a little job there with no relaxing in sight.  me?  I deserve a medal as I sat nicely on the linen basket while teddy bear ruggles came in and devoured some of my good as it gets pouches.  I honestly cannot praise myself enough.  VERY GOOD Wonka goes Owner barely noticing me.  She loves me.  Now do go steady out there in the Wold good folks wherever you are in it.  Big Love Wonka X  PS yes we are watching murray mint and kevin bash it out....who will win out?? xx