Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Shop on Tuesdee

Wonka here.  zzzzzzzzzzz  OH SORRY must have dropped off for a minute.  Why are you tired you all ask and it is due to Owner flailing about in the deep of the night. Her advice to others suffering from poor sleep is to 1.  don't just lay there, get up make a cup of tea 2.  read a bit of your book 3.  TRY NOT TO GO OVER STUFF and worry......dear folk out there in the Wold,  if only Owner took her own advice!!  Me?  thanks for asking well, I got up too, chased Bertie round a bit and of course that made him hiss and growl but at least this took Owner's mind off her problems!  the ones that were keeping her awake....  which are you all enquire??  She is going on another holiday  GASP, just a little extra weekend away but naturally she must go over and over and over the arrangements and wake up in the middle of the ni hi hight anxious and fretting!!  We love it.

Fresh shop on para.  yes, when Owner gets in a state of any kind, it soon warrants a shopping expedition (like it) to put her mind at rest.  Tell me good folk how spending more money is going to do this??  I rest my paws and everything... These are her good reasons.  1.  She reports that since the weather has sunk to freezing cold and drizzle she will need a light sort of summery jumper.   OH I went back.  Not a full on winter woolly but it must still keep me warm AND I must look gorgeous in it.  Like you, I did wonder if this was asking for the moon.  Can we expect you back today I asked but she didn't hear me above shouting BE GOOD as she closed the front door.  Eons later, or maybe even a life time for a gnat or such, does she fall back in going on about she is so tired and how the little people were behaving like it was a bear garden (which is what??)  BUT LOOK WONKA she said, and LOOK BERTIE well I was listening but as you know unless we are talking food Bertie is prone to deafness....not only did Owner find said jumper but another good item of clothing too.  Both fit and both make Owner look drop dead gorgeous!  Has the universe finally given in and decided to be kind to us!!  We do hope so.  Now we did promise a little cartoon of my new catnip mousey and here it is:
There I am and there is new catnip mousey he has a feathery tail and everything even a little union jack flag on his back and there are some of my large collection of tinkly balls as well.  Even Bertie has sniffed new mousey but so far neither of us is interested in the elephant or lion.  NO.  We love it.
Fresh shopped and got lucky para.  We don't know what shopping is like in Brazil but we think it will be exciting.  and no need for any jumpers either.  WORLD CUP Facts of the day #postagestamp news.  Yesterdee was quite busy to report on but Germany did rather well and we must also mention the US of A who scored 2 goals to Ghana's 1 and Owner read that the goal scorer (USA) dreamt about it first!!  As you know Owner is a strong believer in the power of dreams and how many times has she said oh I dreamt that Wonka.....zzzzz  OH SORRY dropped off again.  Now the most important fact of the day is that we support Mr Phil Neville who is on the good BBC as a commentator and got lots of silly talk about how he droned on and such like, well of course me and Owner liked him BUT LISTEN TO THIS!!  there is another Mr Phil Neville who is a real live radiator plumbing person who has been getting lots of tweets meant for the other one!!!  We love it.  Now tonight we will try and follow 2 of the matches, and that is Belgium v Algeria and most seem to have written Algeria off .....mmmm goes Owner she is still on the anything can happen prediction.  The other match is good Brazil v Mexico YAY..   again Brazil seem faves but who knows says Owner  (well we don't that's for sure..) and one final word for Russia v South Korea...Igor is their star and Zico has given them the thumbs up....but says South Korea will not be pushovers.  WE LOVE IT>
Final got lucky with the shopping para.  tonight beyond all this footie larking about, is Enders and listen to this.  Shazzer has been knocked out by some masked men who burst into her little cocktail joint and her newly promoted bar manager did not come to the rescue, no he hid under a table.  Shame!  We are pleased to see Masood promoted and stepping up to the plate and goodness knows what foxy and roxy are up to, but Shirlee was last seen in the Vic with Fil.  And Fil goes to Shirlee, WE NEED TO TALK.  Blimey I said to Owner that is like you in your job.  DON'T REMIND ME she says back.  We can only hope Shazzer comes to with a better storyline that when she was knocked out.  Where is good Holby City and where is celebrity masterchef?? gobbled up by the football.  Now one last thing for us all to think about, is that Owner has found out about a festival for short stories.  In good London.  this weekend.   At the largest bookshop in Europe....which is Waterstones.  LSSF.  This has brought about a fresh dilemma for Owner for the slightest thing out of the ordinary has her on the run.  SLEEP ON IT I advised from my amazon box earlier.  I WILL she says.  Now last time I looked, Bertie was still splayed out by a red hot radiator (Owner caved in, heating full on) his inner workings are working despite sensitive biscuits and such.  Rug trotted in for breakfast before bolting back out to the wild.  me?  starving for my teatime so must go.  Do take it steady folks out there in the Wold wherever you are in it.  big Love Wonka x