Saturday, 7 June 2014

Not Today Satdee

Wonka here.   We have had a very slow day today good folks out there probably all rushed off your tootsies doing this that and the other.  Well here, it is a different story.  yes.  First off, I tried the claw on the lip, the pounce on the foot, back to the start with the claw but did Owner budge.  Not at all.  In fact all she muttered about was good Ruggles wanting his breakfast but it was alright because he would come back.  WHAT ABOUT ME and Bertie(I whispered the last bit)!!  but she muttered on about bowls full of biscuits zzzzzzzzzzz.  Well let me tell you, anyone out there who is not asleep, that Bertie had near on polished off the lot.  I'll thank you, I said to him, when we finally all got downstairs and Owner in the kitchen where she belongs (only joking!) yes I'll thank you to leave a few biscuits for me.  I admit I was a bit grumpy and I did apologise but he didn't hear me above setting to with his breakfast.  I love it.

Fresh not now Para.  So what is all this, you say, have you delayed Satdee altogether?  Owner was going to go swimming but said NOT TODAY what with all this rain and so forth.  how does the rain outside affect the swimming which is inside you all wonder.  And I thought exactly the same, but here is the answer.  I am going to take it easy she goes, stumbling back in with bags of essentials and our luxury cat litter.  Hours later when she had put it all away she rushed off out on her rounds.  This consists of a visit to aged sibling and then aged parent.  yes, the double whammy of visits.  she reported that aged parent knows nothing about the World Cup and does not want to.  Aged sibling on the other hand is well informed.  IT ALL STARTS ON THURSDAY Owner reports.  She has even bought a paper with a 100 page booklet all about it.    And the first match is Brazil v Croatia.  Thank goodness for the booklet I says to Owner, as without it we would be marooned in this neck of the woods without any knowledge whatsoever,  And tonight our good team England have a little kick about with Honduras..and here follows our WORLD CUP FACT OF THE DAY!! Wilson Palacious, to quote our booklet, 'is the heartbeat of the team'.  he is their star player.  OOHER.  What of England you all pipe up?  A toss up they declare between Wayne Rooney and Steve Gerrard (Captain).  So there we are and to wet your appetites........
There it is our champion booklet and it all begins next Thursdee.  Remember, Owner's postage stamp commentary will feature here good folks!!
Final put it off for now Para.  So today was all behind itself thanks to Owner's late start which she blames on having had a stressful week.  I don't see it myself, as you know I have to hold the fort here, checking on Bertie which includes getting up and actually peeking in the Narnia cupboard to see if he is there, jumping up on the side to check the yard, the front, honestly if anyone should be stressed it is me!  but I take it all in my stride and cope really well, resting up as much as I can.  Now last night we did enjoy our Corrie and Enders and tonight we have the final of the Britain must have talent contest.  our fave is Lettice she plays a violin and is oozing with charm (Owner says).  All the others must try and catch up and sing in tune.  And if they are not singing, they must try hard to entertain us.  Ruggles did call later on for his breakfast which is lucky I say or Owner would have gone on a giant guilt trip and never slept in again.  Tinkers, despite her real Owner knowing where she goes, continues to sample the delights of the luxury shed.  Mr Beau? Sadly, he has not been perched on the windysill for a week now and Owner is on worry setting.  He is an old hobo and we have sent a prayer up to St Francis accordingly.   Now do go steady good folks our there in the Wold wherever you are in it.  Big Love Wonka x