Wednesday, 4 June 2014

World Cup Wednesdee

Wonka here.  Owner did dream but forgot them as soon as.  This may have been due to me and Bertie both on the bed and not hissing or growling.  I realise this is offputting and out of character for Bertie who as we know is overfond of going on the defensive.  IT IS RAINING again she says when she pulled back the good curtain.  This can only mean one thing good folks out there probably basking in the June sunshine. It means the heating must go back on from Summer setting to Winter setting.  Last night Owner reported feeling ill (?) and cold (I did say we haven't time for you to be poorly who will look after us?  and the others.  and the rest of the others.but she didn't hear me above making a cup of tea and chucking back 2 aspirin.)  and adjusted the heating to tropical level.  I love it.

Fresh football para.  Why are you on about the world cup you all say when it is not here yet?  It may as well be, and when it does get here Owner has decided she is going to KEEP UP WITH IT Wonka.  What has she done to-date? (List) 1.  had a look at where it is on the map.  2.  Now knows it will be held in the host country Rio De Janeiro which is in Brazil which is in South America. 3.  Knows a few different flags to our one.  4.  Knows which group England are in, it is D 5. has done a fab cartoon which we shall have on here soon. We love it.

Less of the world cup for today para.  Yes what about today you all want to know.  Owner was a busy bee today.  Doing this doing that, and it is no surprise that when she visited aged parent she was told YOU LOOK TIRED.  At least I said to her when she fell back in laden with supplies and a heavy bag of cat litter (it did say lightweight on the side?), she didn't say HOW OLD YOU LOOK or, HOW ILL.  I like to look on the positive side me.  One good thing though, her hair has gone right and this always saves Owner from plunging to WHY ARE WE HERE setting.  Now for our good cartoon today there is Owner enjoying the final one of good Happy Valley:
There she is in front of the telly and there am I on my giant nest aka the settee - that is Bertie just poking his head out at the bottom.  ~~We love it and we are hoping the good BBC run another series as it really cheered Owner up and that is reason enough in my book!
Final footie free para.  We did endure Enders last night and Shazzer has been telling evil Phil what's what.  goodness knows where her chimney sweep son has got to or anyone else for that matter.  We have had to watch Shirlee's long lost son and yes we forget his name and the forty going on four sister of hers too.  Somehow Owner got through it.  Tonight Corrie is on early due to wait for it - Inernational football and it is us v Ecuador.  I did say to Owner are you going to acquaint (like it) yourself with the England team but she didn't hear me above moaning that there was nothing on the telly.  We must grin and bear it good folks out there who like us know nothing about this game.  At least we have a good murderous storyline in Corrie to keep us going, and how long before the searchlight of justice shines straight onto team Tracy and Rob??  We love it.  Yes Ruggles has been, our lovely teddy bear boy, but no sign of Mr Beau or Tinkers.  Owner reports slightly worried over Mr Beau but not Tinkers.  As yet.   Now do go steady out there in the Wold good folks wherever you are in it.  Big Love Wonka x