Thursday, 19 June 2014

Sock it to them Thursdee!!

Wonka here.  We could have all slumbered on this good morn and Owner does the usual JUST 5 MORE MINUTES Wonka zzzzzzzzzzz until she realised it could have been a lot longer than that.  Good Ruggles was perched on the doorstep ready for his first feed of the day and only hissed a tiny bit when I kept looking at him.  All we can think about is (me) will I like my saucer of food (I did) and will Bertie pinch it (he didn't) and will there be enough (Bertie - Owner thinks so and says he is tubby.  I call it Fat).  I love it.

Fresh sock it them para.  Owner had only just finished supervising our feeding frenzy and sipping a cup of tea when the first problem of the day does arrive.  it is the oven stroke grill.  it has conked out and there is a decision waiting to happen about fixing it.  it means phone calls (OH NO), explaining things (WOE) and wait for it...making an appointment for a good repair person to fix it.  Or not.  We have got as far as laying all the details on the table.  The next set of problems was to do with aged parent and is more or less a weekly thing.  It has taken Owner all night to come up with the idea of ringing up and talking rather than sending a good email.  I have advised Owner that the longer she takes to think things over (to arrive at the wrong decision) does the said problem become so large even Einstein could not solve it.  yes we know he is dead.   Owner reports that all the problems she talked about were magically sorted out by phone.  I can only hope, says Owner that Aged parent is on the end of this magic.   And then to round it off does Owner get a phone call from her good agency with instructions to be at her place of work for a certain time.  BUT THAT IS WHEN I START she goes all confused and feathers ruffled.  I must say it took me all my powers of looking cuddly, playing with my toys and everything to amuse her and bring her back round.  WHAT A MORNING she goes.  We love it.

Fresh fighting fit para.  WORLD CUP ALERT AND CARTOON!! now last night did good Spain suffer at the feet of Chile.  Owner says they were here there and everywhere (Chile) and fleet of foot.  We are sorry for Spain who could not get near their own goal for swarms of Chile footballers in the way.  So Spain go home, and cannot be champions for 2014.  Who will lift the cup?  Owner says it will be a surprise result in keeping with the game so far.  Does this mean we stand a glimmer of hope I ventured?  I wouldn't go that far said Owner.  Still, tonight we must cheer England on v Uruguay.  Owner has just noticed that the name RUG is in this good country spelling.  Is it an omen??  WE ARE AS GOOD AS THE NEXT TEAM goes Owner but when I asked who this was she didn't answer above boiling the rocket I mean kettle for a nice soothing cup of rosie lea.
Here we all are! for a change this cartoon is about the future -  Owner is waving flags at the good telly and Me and Bertie are on the giant nest aka the settee, or in Bertie's case behind it.  This will be us tonight at 8pm when it all kicks off!!  We would have preferred the good BBC to commentate as you know we are in love with Mr Thierry and Phil Neville.  Not to worry as we love it.
Final socks off Para.  So last night we were in for a surprise when Enders popped up and once more we had to endure Shirlee and Fil.  and more secrets and more I LUV YOOs (shirlee said to Fil) and it ended on the cliffhanger that Shazzer who is laid up in hospital thanks to some nasty robbers is to go to the theatre - well not before time said Owner, but it was for an operation....still not before time said Owner.  We love it.  Over in Corrie not the murderer but a bit of a loser Petah is still trying to win Carling Black eyebrows round to his way of thinking.  Which is I said to Owner?  Which is forgiving him for having a lovely time with Teenah whilst pretending to be a good and loving husband and possibly father to the bebeh.  She is having none of it, and bruvver Rob is working overtime to frame Petah for his own dastardly deed.  And Deardree wants Petah to stay!  Running away means HE DID IT.  We love it, and good Gail is busy writing letters to the bungly burglar Michael.  in prison.  How we managed to fit a football match in I do not know.....and feed Ruggles, and us.  Luckily it is just good Holby city and celebrity Masterchef tonight which we may or may not see.  COME ON ENGLAND!  yes other matches are available and good luck to all!  Now do go steady out there in the Wold folks wherever you are in it and do shout up for your team.  or not.  Big Love Wonka x