Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Backwards Wednesdee

Wonka here.   Will it ever be warmer, lighter, brighter, spring like and will I ever be happy with my hair goes Owner's refrain.  Certainly the days are getting lighter and according to a resident at Aged parent's abode, they are getting lighter at a minute per day.  THE THINGS I LEARN from old folk she reports up when she creeps back in.   I love it.

Backwards in the heavens para.  YES it is Mercury the good planet of communications that is now travelling backwards OR SO IT SEEMS.  This means, muddled up things.  Will we notice the difference?  When Owner sends off a text and expects an immediate reply and keeps checking her phone for it, that is how we notice folks.  Then she will send another one to ask about the one before.  Another little thing to watch for according to all the soothsayers out there is: (list) 1.  finding lost things. 2.  bumping into people you haven't seen for yonks.  IT DOES NOT say anywhere, I droned to Owner, to go buying more clothes.  When she fell back in this morning after a prolonged (like it) shopping trip in town brought about by leaving the car with no name to be fixed (I HAD TIME ON MY HANDS she goes up) she had to buy this jacket.  YES it is the business, and YES Owner suits it and looks a million dollars - can we afford it?  Can we NOT afford it though says Owner, when it took the edge of the day. I mean I don't see anything wrong with the day myself, and in my Wold all is going to plan.  I love it.

Backwards cartoon para.  Here follows the second instalment of Wonka's Gallery!
There we are!  Bertie Bubb aka the honey monster is cartooned up for my January shout out.  He did come downstairs for some fodder and the other and how was I supposed to know not to chase him back up??  STOP IT Wonka goes Owner all put out.  And I did stop once I got to the top of the stairs!!  I love it.
Final backwards para. so the car with no name now has a window that goes up and down at the press of a button.  YIPEE she goes, now I can wind it down to tell people things.  As long as, I warned up, you are not being rude.  But she didn't hear me above letting Ruggles in. He was pressed up against the good back door on about being starving.  hardly!  he is fed round the clock like me.  Now it is cold and damp outside but like a sauna in here, and we will be pressed up against the good tv tonight as Corrie is on, and the dilemma facing Tracee of whether to crawl into the minibus that is hanging over the cliff to rescue her arch enemy Carling black eyebrows, or not, has us on a knife edge folks.  all this plus Steve wandering off into the forest and not bothering to dial 999, I mean to say!  someone is in a coma and if we could recall her name it would help (us not her) but she is partnered up with good Chesney.  And then!  roll on the drums reaching up to a crescendo!!!!  it is the start of Wolf Hall all about Mr Thomas Cromwell (Ooh that word again, 'well') and his rise to fame at the court of big Henry 8th.  All is good folks and so, do go steady out there in the Wold wherever you are in it and keep an eye out for all those missing texts..Big Love Wonka x