Friday, 23 January 2015

French Fridee

Wonka ici.   I know!!! it is all to do with Owner trotting off to work only to find (small drum roll) THERE HAD BEEN A MIX UP...... and so Wonka, she reports to me when she slides back in much later, I ended up supporting a French teacher TOUS LES JOUR that may or not be all day in French and Sorry France if it isn't!  peutetre Je t'adore!!!! x

French as you like para.  since then I have had to put up with bursts of French like:  TAIS TOI which might be shut up and STOP IT oh no that's in English with a French accent! and OU EST Bertie.  Dans le Wardrobe in the Chambre.  Etc.  Owner says has struggled all day with feeling ugly and wondered if it was the weather.  Meaning? I droned back full of interest as I was on the verge of starving.....  MEANING Wonka, she explains up, that when it is freezing and grey and icy outside I feel the same.  Yes that went by me too good folks out there all trying to make the connection.  Suffice (get me) to say, January and cold weather do not appeal to Owner who is even now turning up the heating and checking for draughts.  Personally, and if I was a draught which I'm not, I would save myself for a better home to creep round.   They don't stand a chance in here.  ICI il est tres chaud!!  And we love it.

More french things para.  Postponed from yesterdee je presente!
To continue Wonka's Gallery!  Here we are with good Ruggles.  Il est tres beau oui?  Only I, Wonka surpass him (like that word lots or should I say beaucoup...) in the handsome stakes.  He is now feeding on best Sheba and living it up dans le cuisine.  C'est la vie. x
Final french for one day only para.   Owner says brain started to sag in the last period of the day and has continued to do so.  Blame it on work or the planets, the upshot is the same, she is worn.  I am looking forward she says to me, to a night of zombified tv.  That won't be difficult Owner I says up because we have a double dose of Corrie with weeping Steve and a cartload of heroes including Tracee.  There is the leader in dysfunctional families and that is Enders.  All the Queen Vic folk are squabbling and fighting and declaring they were a brother now they are a father or they were a sister but now a mother.  Do keep up!!  it is hot water bottle weather so do keep warm out there and if you get even a tiny bit fed up, do not hesitate to warm yourself up with a Wonka story.  All free to read at  so the weekend is upon us, or ICI as I like to say, do go steady out there in the Wold good folks wherever you are in it.  Big Love Wonka x