Monday, 26 January 2015

Snappy Mundee

Wonka here.  it's been a day of high stress in this house folks with Owner ready to PACK IT ALL IN Wonka!  Not before teatime surely I goes up..... I have been treated to some real chicken folks (sorry chicken!) me and Bertie bubb once he realised what that small cut up white stuff was on his saucer stroke plate.  Owner thinks I am in need.  On reflection, and if Owner did pause for a wee moment in her stress setting (11 out of a possible 10), she would see herself mirrored in me, if you follow my feline therapy folks.  THE THINGS YOU SEE IN OTHERS........... but no, she is NOT needing my real chick.  because......I love it!

Fresh and very snappy para.  No phone calls so this was a double edged sword thingy wotsit to start the day.  On the one hand it is good, as Owner can soon find jobs and such like, looking after me and me and me and them Bubb for starters....but on the other paw, the bad paw, it is not good as it means I AM NOT NEEDED Wonka.  this sent her into a downward spiral that resulted in, as Owner is now calling it, an ALTERCATION.  I am calling it, having words.  And who, you all shout up eagerly, was she falling out with??  Well, here it is, and as I am always advising, you never NEVER bite the hand that feeds you.  you can wash it, and maybe give it a teensy scratch but do not, on any account, bite it.  so guess what.......YES right first time!  she had a very snappy call with the one and only agency that is kind enough (now and then) to offer her some gruelling work for the day.  The conversation seemed to go like this:  I don't care about the other 499 people...... and I hate this system....and I am not putting it in the post.....Have you still got a job?, I asked up, ever so nicely once Owner had slammed the real phone down.  For now...she said looking, well looking like she was going to 'pack it in.'  There will an upside and I am even now looking for it!  I love it.

More snappy paras.  And so, I knew there was an upside!  In order to remind Owner of how talented and clever and wonderful she is I am promoting the next Duffel Story!!  it will called Duffel again (until it changes) and may be ready for Easter.....

There he is!!  It is only a rough sketch Wonka, she goes to me, but you will see there is Duffel trotting along and must be on a new mission then, and next to him is the sea on one side and ice cream parlours and fish and chips and OH what is that down there on the left, it looks like a palmist sign..... if I am good (as if) then I shall introduce the tale just like I did last Easter.  There may be a little reminder of the last Duffel story tomorrow for all you sorry folk who haven't read it.  I love it. x

Final SNAP para.  Now as we advised earlier in the week OH NO it is the early week, I mean last week, that good Mercury is travelling backwards and blow me down the moon and sun are doing things too.   There is no let up and even the weather forecast is full of snow and ice and wind. The only good news is that there is no sign of those pesky Vikings as yet.  BUT Owner has been messing about with her hair (OH NO you all say.  OH YES I say back) so they should stay back a while longer.  Now tonight, if Owner can tear herself away from scissors and hair product (good word and I like it) we will be entranced with Corrie X 2 and Enders.  There is enough drama in all of that to take Owner's mind off her own.  As yet, she has not dashed off a snappy email to the agency and I have said to (wait for it) sleep on it.  I will keep you posted!  Other news is that I am perfectly fine as per, Bertie Bubb didn't growl quite so much when I looked at him and Ruggles is fast over on the linen basket.  Now do go steady out there in the Wold good folks wherever you are in it.  big Love Wonka x