Friday, 9 January 2015

Finally Fridee

Wonka here.  Yes somehow we have reached the end of this intense week (Owner said it has been and I not disagreeing. would I!).  Wonka she reports up to me when she trundles back in after her day's slogging, I AM SO GLAD TO BE HOME.  It turns out she has been doing some one to one work and that was in tents.....NO WONKA I said intense.  OH sorry Owner!!  I did have a nice picture of Owner sitting in a wigwam helping out a student.  Yes I did imagine a bit of smoke coming out the top too.  And that's just from Owner!  Only joking!  I love it.

Finally end of week para.   Now yesterdee we had to celebrate our love for the humble cartoon and how it is the best way in the wold to tell your story.  Today we are showing another one, all about the terrible wrench of returning to the wicked Wold of Work. 
There she is!  Brave Owner ready to get back to it!  and save us from certain poverty again....she had her big pink bag yes the one that someone scribbled on in black biro (I mean) and her pack up.  Will it all turn out you wonder up between that agency and the new one and all her wishes in that wishing well?  Today, Owner says she was tutoring about the double use of the apostrophe.  How useful is that!!  but will it keep the wolf from the door I ventured up?  And that's Owner's door not the wolf's see I know where to put that little ''''''.  I love it. x
Final finally fridee para.  here we are revving up for the nxt singing marathon and it is the Voice dear folks out there all thinking what could possibly be on in the funny old month of January.  and it is the Voice.  They all sit in giant chairs with their backs to the good (or in some cases says Owner bad) singers and when they hear something they like they go BBBBUUUUZZZZZZZ on their red buttons and turn round.  we haven't got a fave judge but Mr Willy E Am is alright.  he is a bit OUT THERE goes Owner and I says well you should know but I don't think she heard me above seeing to Ruggles in the  kitchen.  Bertie Bubb stepped down briefly for some fodder and to use the facilities before racing back up stairs.  He has a new middle name and it is Growler.  Tonight we are transfixed by Corrie x 2 and Enders times one.  Enders has taken us down many a winding turn with murderers still on the run or perhaps walking! Fil has been arrested and for once he didn't do it. and foxy is still in a coma.  as Owner says, no change there then....(I know).  As for Corrie it is the good wedding of Kirky and thingy and her relations have said mean things about him.  We cannot wait.  Now do go steady out there in the Wold good folks wherever you are in it.  Big Love Wonka x