Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Tired Tuesdee

Wonka here.   the sleeping in thing is in full force.  5 MORE MINUTES zzzzzzzzzzzzzz OH! and so on.  is the nation sleeping in along with us?  perhaps it has spread abroad and all over the Wold people are rebelling against getting up.  Owner says if we lived (list) 1.  In a warmer clime, 2.  it was lighter 3. we had something wonderful to get up for 4.  same as 3. then we would leap out of our pits every morning shouting HURRAH TODAY!  instead we all three of us slumbered on..............

There we are all sleeping in past the good alarm......I am under the bed, Bertie is fast over at the other side ready to growl at me for nothing.  De Rien! as I like to say and Owner is up top.  yes we eventually rose to face the day.  But at the moment, we are dragging our feet. x
Final tired old para:  nobody wants me today moans Owner already making a mental list of what to do instead.  YES going to the shops was in it.  YES she trots back in with a top that would not suit her or anybody else we know.  I WILL HAVE TO RETURN IT she announced to me.  The only other excitement was the purchase of a roller blind.  And that was exciting for Ruggles because he was enjoying a snooze on his pilly in the kitchen (it being the order of the day) until the good blind man came to measure the good back door.  Owner had explained how nervous he was so they were all speaking in whispers but no matter!  As far as Rug knew they were plotting his demise! (good use of word, and for once I do sympathise with Rug.  I had to nip under the bed in case it was a lone Viking pretending to be a blind man.)  All I could hear was Owner saying YES, and YES HERE IS MY CARD.   What can I say?  In Owner's defence, she is going to fit the blind herself and not pay the astronomical (big word but needed) charge for someone clever to fit it.  I will be sure to rush under the bed for that one folks.  I love it.
Really tired final para.  Now tonight we must put up with more melodrama in Enders as evil Nick is revealed as the brakes cutter and not Fil.  Little Ben went mad and attacked a few cars with a crowbar but no one really noticed and even Shazzer did not offer up much sympathy. I  have not mentioned her chimney sweep son and I'm not going to.  Then we might cuddle up with Holbee City if we get past the actors that annoy Owner in it but seeing as that is nearly the entire cast I'm not sure.  Tomorrow is another day folks and who knows all our fortunes could change.  or not.  Now do go steady out there in the Wold good folks wherever you are in it.  big Love Wonka x