Sunday, 11 January 2015

Unity Sundee

Wonka here.  I had a dream.................
And in the dream, millions of folk around the Wold marched for the freedom to do so!  WHAT ELSE goes Owner was in it.  There was London Bridge lit up in blue and white and red, and the London Eye AND the National Portrait Gallery - all lit up!!  I've been there goes Owner.  WHICH ONE I says up?  ALL she says back.  Perhaps Wonka, she drones on (and I was listening as it was close on tea time) perhaps you have nodded off whilst the Unity Rally was on the good tv.  I thought I heard some French words here and there good folks and as you know, Owner and me, nous sommes HUGE fans of Paris which has been visited and adored.  OUI, je t'adore tourjours x (sorry for spelling x)

Unified para.  I mean we are still trying for unity in this household but try as I might, I cannot help looking at Bertie now and then, and giving him the odd chase.  Ruggles?  I think he loves the paw under the door game as much as me!!  When Owner finally stopped looking at dear Paris to give me some fodder and Bertie bubb (who was fast over and wouldn't have noticed.  I said.)  she mentioned something to look forward to.  WHAT? I said showing a lot of interest as I now want seconds.  it turns out daughter is coming through at the weekend and will be wanting food, sweets, films and then all over again as soon as she lands.  I MUST STOCK UP goes Owner making a list.  When she fell back in earlier on après le swimming (I checked she had not been horrid to any of the other swimmers and she said not. hmmm) she had spent a lot of £s on seemingly little. OH YES I needed that she kept saying.  NO it was not food.  I love it.  x

Final UNITY para.  last night we made it through The Voice yes.  There were a couple of singers to catch Owner's eye and one of those was a Scottish fireman yes.  We think he is called Stevie and we are very sorry if he isn't.  The other one used to be in a children's programme and he was a bear called Bungle.  DID He get through! you all shout up. NO!  Pity as me and Owner liked his rendition (oooeer) of mustang Sally.  Tonight there are bits and bobs and to round off our night is last Tango.  Thingy has fallen out with her new husband and his daughter is fighting off marriage proposals.  Thingy's daughter's new partner is pregnant and there may be a birth.  it sounds confusing and it is.  Now the good week is peeking at us it is not far away, so let us have a settled, calm one.  (The Wishing Well has been wished on) Do go steady out there in the Wold wherever you are in it.  Big Love Wonka x