Wednesday, 14 January 2015

I am OK Wednesdee

Wonka here.  There is a therapy that Owner has talked of just before my tea time so I did listen up.  BASICALLY Wonka she lectured up at me it relies on me saying I AM ALRIGHT and you saying YES I AM ALRIGHT and it all carries on like that.  Is it, I goes up, transactional analysis? or something very very like it?  If it isn't she goes back, it wants to be.  We love it (so You love it!) x

We are OK para.  for a treat and seeing as how you are all so good out there in the Wold, Owner said I could have another of her illustrations from my Christmas Story.  They are all good but I am choosing the one of Bad Owner and Sheba....
There it is!  and I do hope you will read it all for yourself one day (it does not have to be Christmas.  AND it could cheer you up.  If you need cheering up) This dear folks is the very story with illustrations that Owner has submitted!  How exciting!  we await the decision of the good Editor or, as Owner is wont to say the rejection letter........I have tried good folks to inspire and say things like THEY MAY LIKE IT and YOU LIKE IT and other transactional analysis things.  or is that just another therapy that hasn't been invented yet....we love it. x
Final OK para.  today, Owner had a brring brrring phone call for work. All day.  First up was covering a maths lesson.  HOW DID IT GO? I asked up nicely just as my saucer of IAMS crept up on me.  It was a nightmare, she droned up.  OH YES I says back.  They were all talking and messing about, she continued.  I mean that sounded like a normal maths lesson to me but what do I know?  then, she reports, she had to help out this student who suddenly laid his head on the desk and says I AM STRESSED.  I could have told him about my life, moans Owner, AND HOW STRESSED I AM.   But it is alright, we are  saved and she won't be sacked as instead she spoke nicely and calmly and the student WAS OK.  Now we are all stocked up as Owner shopped in her lunch hour, when all others are putting their feet up and drinking tea  and moaning how hard their lives are, Owner is shopping for our essentials!!! I love her and she is OK.  now tonight we have a little tv to look forward to.  it is good Corrie x 1 and Michael the reformed robber with the pretend son has asked Gail to marry him.  all these proposals!  but then it is all over as there is NOTHING ON.  we are not watching Midsummer Murders.  As Owner likes to say if it was the last programme in the Wold we still would not watch it.  IT IS not OK.  Now do go steady out there in the Wold good folks wherever you are in it.  and be OK.  Big Love Wonka x