Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Pink Sky Tuesdee

Wonka here.  YES we are still here, and some of us are living the dream. Bertie Bubb is certainly achieving his in the land of wardrobe, and ME? thanks for asking, I am getting the most out of my days what with plenty of zzzzzzzzzzz and the rest of the real chicken.  Owner?  you all ask up, desperate for some news on her demise.  She is alright, despite (list) 1.  no work today 2. hair (according to her) looks horrid. 3.  no real idea of what she is going to do.  Has she shot herself in the foot with that good agency you all chirp up, possibly hovering on having words with your own..... time will tell and this could be a mere hiccup.  or not.  But she is smiling and calm and I AM NOT going to disturb it with talk of poverty and starvedom and doom.  Not I!  I love it.

Pink sky para.  there is nothing more cheering than a beauty pink sky to see off the day.  Those golden clouds lit up and the seagulls rolling in from the sea with a glimpse of the last of the blue sky I have gone all poetic just talking about it!  Owner says that the blue sky is a Dali blue - it looks like the sky in his famous painting she droned - that one called St John of the Cross where he is looking down on the sea of Galillee (Owner thinks it is that sea and if not Sorry sea of Galillee!).  It is even now hanging in the Kelvin Grove art gallery in Glasgow.  (sorry if name wrong.  Owner thinks it is kelvin and then added grove to it.  I know) And in case you have not been lucky enough to have seen it, here it is!
There it is!  and that is exactly the blue of the sky - we love it.
Final pink sky of the night para.  Something will turn up, goes Owner to me although I think she was talking to herself good folks and while she was being all positive and trusting in the future and wotnot I did sneak in the kitchen to check our catfood levels...plenty of senior food for me TICK, plenty of Sheba for Bertie Bubb and Ruggles TICK, cartloads of biscuits TICK and enough cat cement I mean litter for all of us BIG FAT TICK.  last night I had to be very good (how not to be!  that's the problem!) and be as soothing as soothing could be whilst Owner's nerves darted between stretched to capacity and just stretched.  Enders did not help as Shazzer kept talking about Fil and Ben, to Mad Max who is in danger of being on the very same setting as Owner.  YES there is more of it tonight and we have been warned of a Lucee 'teaser' -can it get any more exciting I says to Owner but she was too busy playing about with what little hair she has left to hear me out.  After that if we can settle to it, there is good Holbee city where for Owner it is like looking in the mirror of her psyche as all the Doctors are too clever for their own good and sensitive to all.  We love it.  now do go steady out there in the Wold good folks wherever you are in it.  big Love Wonka x