Friday, 30 January 2015

Little People Fridee

Wonka here.  At last Owner has decided to cope with being a mite cooler overnight.  The conditions have been tropical.  Yes, we like being cosy but as I droned to Owner, it cannot Owner I says, be good for your skin.  With that, she took notice and is being brave:  I have put the dial onto the timer she warbles to me from the depths of the bathroom so I cannot hear really - there is a shut door in the way of it.  When she repeated this vital piece of info hours later, all it means is that we shall freeze overnight and possibly get up to a warm house if the boiler can rouse itself to click back on at 5 30 am.  but it's alright because Owner (list) 1;  won't wake up with a headache and 2. will have a fresh complexion and 3.  the giant bill we are expecting will come down a notch.  I love it.

Little people para.  What is all this talk of the little folk you all wonder up?  Owner got a shout for a new school, and it meant spending all day with the very smallest and youngest people of all.  Was it in the nursery you all shout up and say?  YES.  so Owner has been singing 5 CURRANT BUNS IN THE BAKERS SHOP and gone onto happy and relaxed setting.  This is what the little people do, they just love you and want to be loved back.  It's just like the Booleys I says, only it's children instead of kittens.  Now I shouldn't have mentioned the Booleys (tinker's kittens) but I got away with it as Owner was too busy humming that song and another one about a man who built his house on the rock and it stood firm when the rain came down.  I love it.

Small and little people para.  Due to Owner having such a happy day I said to her shall we put a cartoon of the little people on here?  here it is:
There it is!  from the school where Owner was last year and she will be returning next week..... a year has gone by and it may as well be a minute.  We love it.
Final little people rule para.  What a week it has been with Owner whizzing up and down the range of settings from full on anxiety to calm as you like.  Me?  thanks for asking, a tower of strength and  only let myself down today by lashing out at Owner for what seemed like nothing (or de rien as I am want to say).  I did say to Owner it was due to me being frightened and thinking that instead of closing a window by reaching over me, she was a big bad Viking coming to get me.  Like I say, Owner sometimes refuses to listen and she insisted that it was a HORRIBLE thing to do Wonka!  she has forgiven me though and I will try not to lash out again.  At least not today.  Now tonight we must be glued to all three soaps, and in Enders that mean Dean who is the son or brother or Uncle of Shirlee has been arrested with the square all watching on.  Over in Corrie, shanaid or first aid or something very like it is flat on her back in hospital and all blame depressed Steve.  Except us, we don't.  Now the good weekend is here and what with Owner feeling more the ticket and no mention of her hair AT ALL today, it is all good.  do go steady out there in the Wold good folks wherever you are in it.  Big Love Wonka x