Monday, 6 April 2015

Ancient Mundee

Wonka here.  I tell you we have bounded from one demanding programme to another.  WHAT I SAYS UP, once I had awakened from a much needed nap (in the amaZEN box) are you watching now??  eh?  EH??  Those ancients have got a lot to answer for, scribbling away on clay tablets in their mystical script all those tiny lines and drawings AND THEN...sound of beating drums and tension mounting.....DISAPPEARING WITHOUT A CLUE.  Daughter of Owner only sent a text to us droning on about this thing she watched about a super kingdom that vanished.  It was only a race of Hitite people (not from the bible though according to the person talking and I says to Owner how come there are two races with the same name then?  eh? but she ignored me as per). Who were the FOURTH super power at that time.  Three thousand odd years back.  We love it. x

Ancient para.  It turns out, this bunch of people lived in the middle of nowhere, in Turkey (sorry Turkey), built themselves a fortress with supplies of everything and underground tunnels and wotnot and THEN, set out to conquer all else.  They had strict rules and a massive army and went to war with Egypt(who said they won,  but they didn't. like it  HALLO EGYPT) and all of us in Kadesh good folks, but then.......after all that fighting and winning and such Guess what?  NO that is not it.  Owner says they vanished BUT it turns out they all set on themselves due to fear and greed.  And, drones Owner to me, when I was just dropping off zzzzzzzzzzz OH, History does repeat itself....... so watch out if you are going to conquer anyone out there we say.  I love it.

Short and fairly recent cartoon para.  not everyone wants to watch chariot racing and loads of men all fighting and women patching them up, so here is a little refreshing change.
There we are!! and Owner will try once more to do that clever link thing.....taking you straight to our story for Easter, Duffel Returns.

OOOOHH!!  methinks she is successful at this now.  On this last day of the Easter Weekend, and you are fed up with what is NOT on the tv, OR going back 3000 years, then help yourselves to a Wonka presents. x

Final and ancient para.  Is Owner ever going to do anything you all shout up worried at this long relaxing spell.  I did have to use all my best tactics this morning short of biting and scratching to make her leap out of bed.  ~Even Bertie looked mournful and he doesn't usually change his expression.  (good words like them.) Ruggles didn't notice the time so couldn't have been starving like me.  She says she must go into town tmro and is making a list.  It does have cat food on TICK but I noted other non essential items....and on Wednesdee Wonka, she tells me, (quote) I am visiting an exhibition.  OH YES I goes all interested as it was close on tea time.  Daughter has tried and failed to put her off going so she is set on it.  end of. 

Small political news item.  nothing to report really except that Nicola who is heading up those SNPs is in the news most of the time, good and bad.  We like her lots. x

Real ancient and final para.  ~Tonight there are two Corries and little Faye has had the babe and Anna is now a Granny.  In Enders Cat was carted off in an ambulance (again) and thingy's Dad, or brother or Grandad is dying and that Deano who no one likes except Shirlee (his Mum.  we think) has been raised from the dead.  And If Owner wants to stop up late there is nice drama all about a murderer.  Just the ticket before bedtime I says up but she didn't hear me above lugging a massive and heavy black sack out to the green bin.  I love it.  Now, those of you who are toddling back to work for an easy week of it, just remember Owner is out and about.  So, do go steady out there in the Wold good folks wherever you are in it.  Big Love Wonka x