Friday, 24 April 2015

Sorry Thursdee

Wonka here.  What is all this about sorry?  Sorry for being here, sorry for being late, sorry I'm not making  a fortune....WHAT could it be you all wonder up.  OH and sorry my Owner is so wonderful I should have popped on the end and now I have.  Dearest Owner has had a rejection.  Yes.  I have been hard at it, trying to turn this into the most positive, motivating, constructive NICE email in the Wold and good folks.......I have failed.  and I don't love it. x

Very sorry para.  Owner, I droned away, whilst she was swigging down cups of builders tea and crunching on that ryvita like a chipmunk gone mad (healthy diet.  don't mention it.  no) Owner, at least (list) 1.  you had a reply 2. your writing has been looked at by some VERY BUSY people 3. some authors were rejected billions of times etc and so on and so forth.  I'M PRETENDING NOT TO CARE she bleats in between feeding us, tidying up the facilities, taking the rubbish out, putting the tea on and..............warning klaxon....reading her emails.  Good folks, I have checked in the cupboard for something nice to calm Owner down BUT, the healthy diet is in the way of this.  Personally, I would have recommended a giant bag of toffee popcorn the sort that jams up your mouth and gets stuck in your teeth (if you have any left.  Sorry Dentist)  washed down with a giant glass of red.  Instead, there is a teaspoonful of red vino and nothing nice.  I ask you. x

Small but pertinent cartoon para. This folks, is how it is in this house, WE DO NOT GIVE UP or GIVE IN.
There we are!  Just to jolly Owner along, I have made it clear that, it might be MY daily diary but she does help.  Yes.  She does the odd cartoon and takes a photo now and then that after careful consideration I ACCEPT and would not dream of rejecting.  Not on your nelly and certainly not near tea time.  I love it.
A Minute and sorry mention of the election run up.  All we have heard today and when Owner is in sorry for itself setting and mode, she can hear things THAT HAVE NOT BEEN SAID, is that all the parties are guilty yes guilty of going on about cutting this and saving that and giving you know what to the other WHEN they have not made it clear how they will do it.  End of.
Final woebegone and sorry para.  Did she? you all ask up..go to work at all today thereby fending off starvedom in the household?  Owner did get a shout and did slink off to Filey where she reports all went well and all was fine, the drive was lovely it was (quote) all yellow and golden with daffs and dandelions and that yellow thingy in the fields.  All was happy and golden until she got back here.  Will she come out of it?  Not by watching Enders, which is too dark and dingy and not a particle of humour in sight...just funerals and bad Deano and Shirlee who is in every episode and every scene.  This isn't as bad though as if it was Stacee.  There is a bright side I says up to Owner, but she wasn't listening above shouting that Masterchef was on.  Will this do the trick, we just don't know.  Now Ruggles is sunning himself a la back door step, Bertie Bubb is doing his impression of the sleeping Beauty and I have my work cut out to amuse a sorry Owner BUT there is the snooker and a gingertop player, Ant McGill has sprung up out of nowhere.  He is our new fave.  Do go steady out there in the Wold good folks wherever you are in it.  big love Wonka x