Saturday, 25 April 2015

Saturdee Saturdee

Wonka here.  Today good folks out there in the Wold maybe having a snoozle (my fave) or reading a paper or saying WILL IT EVER STOP RAINING, today is Anzac Day.  WHAT is that some of you want to and Owner watched the ceremony thingy on the good tv to mark the occasion.  it is 100 years gone by since a lot of Australians (hallo Australia land!) and New Zealanders (likewise) joined in the World War One and got slaughtered on a beach for it.  It was all to do with Turkey and Gallipoli and was a hopeless campaign by all accounts.  Meaning?  you all chirp up.  meaning thousands of young men never came home.  On either side that is.  In war, droned Owner, there are no winners.  We do love them and remember them. x

Fresh Satdee Satdee para.  Owner was up fairly early and doing, even though it has steadily rained all day.  This is not making me want to go out she moans up, nice and snug from the living room.  After I said to her what about our food and what about your weekly exercise, she came round.  That, plus the snooker fest which is on all afternoon, ready for when she flings back in.  In other news, I have approached Ruggles, in a friendly (for me) and open manner only to be hissed at in return.  WELL DONE Wonka! goes Owner who supervised this anxious (for me) meeting.  Will we ever be best mates?  This question and others remains to be seen. yes. Bertie Bubb knows he hates everyone and hisses well in advance BUT there must be a cat out there for me.  I love it. x

Small but cosy cartoon para.  We start our gallery with one of the four of us, and it is Gingertop

There we are!  Gingertop calling to say hallo! and maybe have a peck of our best.  he or she is quite pretty for a gingertop with a pinkish nose and strange eyes (Owner says).  I have studied Gingertop through the good window and I am now thinking that kind of colouring is a winner this year.  Our new fave Anthony McGill of the snooker table, shares this exact colouring on his head.  We love him (and gingertop).
Small rush up to the election para.  Owner has read a big article in her best newspaper (the big one) all about the MAIN ISSUES affecting us.  And we have a lot of funny ideas when it comes to what is what.  Most of us, she droned are worried about money.  I mean I could have written this article folks.  Just saying up.
Final satdee satdee para.  So Owner gets all settled and knocks back some flapjack too (I says what happened to the healthy diet Owner and she says flapjack is teetering on healthy.  yes) and falls asleep!  I had to do the same! zzzzzzzzzzzzzz hours later when we came to, it was time for tea and the usual feeding frenzy.  Even Bertie was a bit anxious up there in the Land of Wardrobe.  Now tonight if Owner can stay awake there is our main hero, Ronnie on the table, then there is Britain may have some talent with that nice David Walliams and finally in Casualtee, mean but secretly kind hearted Connie who IS NOT A MURDERER has been taken away by the police thanks to that rotten and do gooding Nursey.  I bet Charlie nursey has a thing or two to say.  yes.  I have just checked that Owner is still awake and doing and so far so good.  So from us in sleepy hollow, do go steady yourselves out there in the Wold good folks wherever you are in it.  Big Love Wonka x