Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Sun Stopping Tuesdee

Wonka here.  We all snoozed in to the now normal waking time of half way through the morning.  Owner showed signs of waking up several times, I noted from fairly close up, well as near as Bertie Bubb going funny would allow.  Then blow me down the stairs if she didn't go back to sleep!  I mean I'm a dab hand at this myself, but it MUST NOT get in the way of food.  No.  Finally, we all made it downstairs.  Owner has taken to leaving a minute window gap open in the night once she realised we would not all freeze to death and even Bertie,  nearest the draught of fresh air, would not wilt away.  Luckily we are in the grip of warmth and sunshine folks, and have gone from FREEZING to HEATWAVE in no time.   I love it.

Brief and sunstruck para.  does this mean, I questioned up, the heating can now return to timer Owner? I hadn't meant to frighten her by this it was merely a suggestion to save us a few million pounds (whoever wins the election hasn't mentioned yet cutting our heating bills.  No.) but as Owner was in danger of swinging from happy go lucky setting to cold and miserable I had to rephrase this to WHAT A GOOD IDEA TO turn the heating off for 5 mins or so......x

Small but important and sunny photoshoot for today:

There we are!!  that is me breathing in a bit of that lovely fresh air and gazing out back at Ruggles who was on the bench.  That is Owner's best lemon geranium next to me and on the ledge outside are the geraniums from last Summer.  The sky really was that blue today and makes up for all those grey days.  we love it. x
Final sun ridden para.  Owner flung off out going on about that shop that is doing well despite all, and taking some things back.  This was good news for me and the beloved credit card but when she trolls back laden with lots of bags I did the usual check.  Lots of cat food and cat concrete aka litter TICK fairly essential food shopping TICK.  gifts for a family visit on Fridee  BIG TICK as we love them. More clothes for Owner.... I'm going to doctor it Wonka, she says to me when I saw it.  It is a pleasant enough top on anyone else in the Wold and specially if they have a long body.  The colour might be alright come high summer and if no one looks too closely. yes.
Small interlude for any news of a political nature.  All we heard on the good Radio was that President Blair and we mean Tony who used to rule Labour, has told ALL to vote labour.  End of. x
Back to the important news of the day and that is Owner has swung into this happy go lucky mood and I pray it lasts.  Not being in a freezing playground has got to be part of it, but why else is she smiling? eh? EH? She is due tomro to visit the exhibition that Daughter is guarding and I am already looking forward.  As far as I know, there will no opportunity to spend any money.  No.  Now tonight, we must put up with Enders and Deano thingy has been arrested.  There is a new and annoying person who is related to him and Shirlee and Owner is set against him already.  Following that, is Holbee and once more the Doctors who are as mad as a parcel of frogs, must mend poorly people and the head of the hospital who is also mad but with power, is trying to turn all against anyone he doesn't like.  That could be the end of our night unless Owner wants to be happy go lucky for a bit later and longer.  For the rest of you, do go steady out there in the Wold wherever you are in it.  big Love Wonka x