Sunday, 5 April 2015

Easter Sundee

Wonka here.  The good holiday continues here with wall to wall films all about fairies and Persian Princes and the one we watched all the way through.  I AM WATCHING THAT goes Owner to me whilst I was deep in my amazen box catching up on a few zzzzzzzzzzzzz OH I goes, and what film is it Owner?  King of Kings she reports to me.  And blow me down if it wasn't one of those nice biblical epics in technicolour.  And in case you are wondering who is in it, we didn't recognise any of the actors who all wore black wigs and had orange suntans.  Most of the Romans were nasty (sorry Rome) give or take a few, and we liked Magdalen the best of all.  Herod was a rotter and so was Salome.  At least John the Baptist seemed prepared to have his head lopped off I says.  HE DID INTHE FILM goes Owner.  and although we know how it all ends up, we still liked all the deep wisdom and such like.  Jesus, from Nazareth, he says, when that Pontius chap asks who he is and whence he came from.  yes.  I love it. x

Short and sweet photoshoot.  The only thing that Owner has managed to do today, aside from watch wall to wall tv is this:
There it is!!  WHAT you all shout up, is that??  Do you remember that a few weeks ago we noticed the last decoration from Christmas dangling from the notice board?  Owner took him upstairs to live on the chest of drawers and then blow me down she says HIS ARM HAS FALLEN OFF.  For some weeks now he has lived on the dining room table with one arm by his side but not glued on.  There are lots of jokes about this but I am not telling them. NO.  so owner finally roused herself and went into the Narnia Cupboard for the aroldite.  I was a bit worried as it was smack on teatime but she came out again quite quickly.  Now his arm is glued back and he is laying down on the thingy in the kitchen, in full sunlight, until it sets. Just behind him is a bottle of eau de parfum from Paris, purchased by daughter when she was small and fetched back as a gift.  it must never be used and must stay as it is.  and behind that is a dragon fly light catcher that was aged parents and now lives with us.  I love it.x
Final Easter Sundee para.  Me? thanks for asking, well I was very good last night and stayed under the bed only popping out to tell Owner it was time to get up.  Several times.  Rug has basked in the sunshine on the step just like Golly used to do, my old mucker.  Bertie has chomped his way through two helpings of best sheba and used the facilities.    There is Poldark and good Aiden to look forward to later but now Owner has finished watching Fairies and started on Kelly's heroes.  WHY I says up are we watching a war film on Easter Sundee.  it is about comradeship in adversity she warbled back to me.  I still fail to see the link folks out there, but not to worry.  There is an ultra young Clint Eastwood in it, and that will do it for me, I am a big fan of him. And so is Owner.  Now tomro there will a rush on as people grab all the money out of their pensions and go mad with it (according to the newspapers. yes.) and if you are one of them we say good luck!  otherwise, do go steady out there in the Wold good folks wherever you are in it.  Big Love Wonka x