Friday, 17 April 2015

~Family Fridee

Wonka here.   What a glad day folks out there all possibly getting on each others nerves and thinking FAMILIES who wants one? eh? EH?  for some reason and Owner is still blaming this on the planetary line up (I rest my astrological paws and everything) and new moons and stuff - the little reunion went off smashing.  They even had a photoshoot; BUT they cannot agree on which photo is THE ONE.  The only person who looks alright in all of them is Aged parent who doesn't care what she looks like.  End of. x

Familified para.  We all know when families have a 'get together' this can play havoc with our nerves, with our confidence, and generally throw us back a few years.  In Owner's case though, the reverse has happened.  Daughter and grandson arrived back from a double whammy visit laughing and happy and then set on a massive spread.  It turns out, aged parent loves everyone (now) and is the matriarch (Owner says right word.  thanks Owner) of the year. (now).  Owner reckons her Dad, safely in wood carving heaven, would love all this IF HE WERE HERE Wonka.  Hankies away folks! x

Familified cartoon para.  The other thing about family thingies is how tiring they are when they are over.  Owner reports feeling 'worn out'.  She also reported driving up the wrong side of a road, but luckily no one said anything AND no cars were coming towards her... which saved her from leaning out of the window to shout something rude.  Yes.
There we are!  What is it??  you all shout is the little sketch Owner did of Whitby Abbey when she was there on Wednesdee. She could see it from the room she was in and whilst the students were being musical (or not she says) she got creative.  You can just make out the Abbey at the back.  I'VE BEEN ROUND IT droned Owner to me, back in 2000 and something.  I'd say another visit is due.  I love it. x
small political interlude para.  Last night we were hit round the head with five of the opposition parties rabbiting on about our defence and such like.  Out top faves are still Nicola (very feisty) Natalie (very Green) and Leanne (very Welsh).  They talked up PEACE and POSITIVE DIPLOMATIC relations.  The men both wanted to spend more £s on nuclear weapons that they wouldn't use.  End of.
Final non political and family fun para.  I have been spoilt and cuddled and talked about and even Bertie had a visit from Grandson; he said that cats spend about a third of their lives asleep but we all know Bertie is an exception to this as HE SLEEPS ALL DAY AND NIGHT.  Me? zzzzzzzzzzzz OH sorry...~Ruggles thought the Vikings had invaded and hid outside til the family left.  Now worn out or not, there is Corrie X 2 and Enders X 1.  If we can manage it there is John and Gregg fussing over a plate of food too.  In Corrie, Owen has gone, and Anna did have a weep, and Nick who is a lot better from his knock on the head is after Carling blackeyebrows who does not know he likes her.  Tmro, the Wold championship snooker is on and we will be glued for the next two weeks.  Due to this need to be at home and not at work, Owner forecasts a two week booking from the agency with no let up.  Because that's life she says up.  Now do go steady out there in the Wold good folks wherever you are in it, and specially if you are having a family thingy.  Big Love Wonka x