Thursday, 16 April 2015

Be Lucky Thursdee

Wonka here.  For some reason, and Owner reckons it is written in the stars, or planets or moon, she feels lucky..  Well which is it Owner?  I asks up out of confusion....  IT'S PLUTO she says up.  so whatever is going on in your lucky old lives good folks out there, we can all pin it on that Pluto planet.  or is it a big star??  How come you all shout up, perhaps still waiting for your boat to come in, or luck to hit you over the head, how come Owner suddenly and without any prior warnings is sensing a change of fortune.?  eh? EH?  It is beyond me folks, but I tell you this much, if it means more biscuits, seconds thirds and fourths helpings, extra cuddles and Owner going into a strange dream (happy one. yes) THEN I'M ALL FOR IT. x

Be lucky para.  Do you remember (and that has reminded me and Owner of an ultra annoying jingle on our fave Radio 2, where they all sing that over and over until Owner has to turn it off for fear of having it on the brain.  so now I am sorry I ever said it.) that Owner has entered a competition in that beauty Australia land?  and not just once but twice.  I HAVE TWO CHANCES she droned to me, OF WINNING; of course I said and of losing Owner, but she didn't hear me above making another submission to another good agent.  if your luck is in, she trilled at me, you must use it!  And this time, the agency have acknowledged her story!  ~which one is it you all want to know, and it is my fave because it is MY story, the Christmas Story from 2013 BUT now with illustrations.  ALL approved by me. I love it x

Be Lucky cartoon para.  And here it is folks..........

There we are!  Owner entering a competition all about a more equal society folks and I helped out.  Rejection?   me?  I can take it on the chin, but maybe, just maybe, our luck is truly in.  I love it. x
Small and minute political update.  #Eddieizzard who is very clever and very funny is backing Labour.  This alone could swing it for Owner (no puns or double entendre intended Owner said to put here.  I made her spell all of it.  end of.)
Final happy go lucky para.  No work today as the good agency was silent except for an email with big red writing demanding a receipt.  NO bellows Owner at the laptop screen and I must say it did put me off my biscuits for a moment or two.  It turns out, they were asking no DEMANDING information that Owner has already supplied twice.  the end.  So the day trickled by nicely, even Bertie didn't hiss or growl that I know of, and Gingertop is still popping in to say good morning. Ruggles has remembered that Owner loves him, and has stopped being funny. 
Tonight is that silly old political debate and we have already checked to see if it clashes with Banished.  And it does.  It is the last of the convict show and thingy was mucking around with the noose meant for the other one who really is being hanged in the morning.  by thingy.  It is too good to miss, said Owner.  I KNOW I goes back full of agreement as we have somehow grown to like it. There has been swearing and violence and a bit of the other BUT the story has us clinging on.  Now tmro good daughter and grandson are to visit and this is an EPIC day as Owner is to go to aged parent AND aged sibling too.  This is a family get together like no other! YES I am all ready with the medicinal red vino AND my space under the bed.  ONLY JOKING Owner. Now do go steady good folks out there in the Wold wherever you are in it.  Big Love Wonka x