Sunday, 19 April 2015

Same again Sundee

Wonka here.    Gradually, Owner came to on this good Sundee, realising that I for one was starving and the others could do with a speck of breakfast.  AND, there is the snooker.  Now yesterdee I forgot to tell you the exciting news.  WHAT? you all suddenly want to know, could it be.  We were all of us, frontlined.  MEANING? you all shout up anxious and concerned with visions of us. well ME especially being lined up by those pesky Vikings who are always up to no good.  But, you can all rest up, and go back to your Sundee papers, as front line is just another name for NO MORE PESTS hiding in our fur coats.  never mind the luxury carpet.  Just a quick dab! goes Owner, rifling round my neck fur and doing all this whilst I was eating for goodness sake!  Bertie was caught during one of his rare outings for food and Rugglestop the same fate.  Needless to say the minute it was administered (long but apt word Owner said) we all had a good and prolonged scratch. x

Special Snooker update:  all of you folks NOT keen on this mesmerising game must look away now!!!  We left you with a bit of a cliff hanger and it was this: Who, is Milkins? eh? EH? Last seen playing a first round match with that Scottish chappie John Higgins.  After a lot of messing about on the laptop by Owner, who searched for Milkins IN VAIN, we finally tracked him down. His name is Robert Milkins, from Gloucester and with a name like that Owner, I goes up, surely he will win fame?  He is not done with the match yet, which ended up 6- 3 or something very like it.  (sorry Mr Milkins if that is NOT it) and they are to play the rest tonight.  My money is on Bob Milkins. End of. x

Small but important cartoon para forever immortalising Bob Milkins.

There we are!  Stuck like glue to our fave championship and fascinated by Milkins.  We love him. x
Out usual tiny political update.  All the parties, mostly, are falling over themselves today to say how sorry they are that many people drowned in the Med sea and they must all do something about it.  Up to now, this wasn't one of their worries says Owner.  it is now, I says up.
Fresh snooker ridden and possibly final para.   Today folks has trundled on by, with a small burst of activity by Owner who suddenly decided to get the monster up and running.  It swooped down on the luxury carpets down below and even paid a visit upstairs but stopped there.  I was safely atop my best linen pillycase on one of my giant nests upstairs and was nearly, I said nearly oblivious (like it) to the horrid noise coming closer.  Most times it lurks in the Narnia cupboard and Bertie is such a simple cat (I said simple not simple TON) that he knows nothing about it.  and Ruggles as far as I know, has not met up with it.  or heard it. 
Did she? you all wonder up, do anything else?  She printed out a photo of her, aged parent, daughter and Grandson and it took an hour to do; to be fair I did not hear any shouting or violence towards the BROTHER printer when it refused outright to do its job and instead keep saying it had A PAPER JAM.  With a red exclamation mark.  I did hear Owner mutter what she would like to do to it, one day, after it had coughed up the printed out photo.  It's not as if, she reported to me hours later, I even like myself in the photo!!  Now tonight we will be transfixed by more snooker and then by Ross Poldark.  Again, there is some sort of storyline to it all, and it is not just Ross and thingy riding about on the Cornwall clifftops. Owner is trying not to think about Mundee so I'm not going to mention it.  Do go steady out there in the Wold good folks wherever you are in it. big Love Wonka x