Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Good Wednesdee

Wonka here.  By now folks, you will all be FED UP with this continuing success by Owner, at work.  HOW COME you all shriek up, possibly slaving away for rotten employers, HOW COME she is enjoying herself whilst on the treadmill......she is putting it down to the dedication of the staff who are all happy in their jobs, and putting it down to the apparent lack (quote) of abilities by the people going to the Centre.  Does this mean, I asked up. that intelligent people (this is in question...) are more likely to be (list) 1.  an outright nuisance 2.  annoying with it 3. easily bored 4. unfriendly and unkind? eh??  YES she goes back, with some exceptions.............hmmm. I love it.

Fresh and goodly para.  Today they all whipped off to a farm near Whitby and spent the morning making Easter cards.  (chicks.  big TICK from me, as you know I am a fan of birds.) and Rabbits.  Owner is nearly ready with our small window display, and the bunny ears are ready to go on Maximillian.  I know.  Also, whilst enjoying a cup of milky coffee (I did not ask for this she droned to me, but it was alright when I drank it.) she spied an easter egg in a knitted chick outfit and had to buy it.  For the said window display.  And don't forget the light up chick will you (cartoon to follow).  it is all to play for good folks out there maybe considering small window displays yourself. I love it.

Small but perfectly good para plus cartoon.  today we are pleased to present The Hand Of Fate!
There it is!!!!  As we reported, the other day, Owner's car with no name, was suddenly attacked by a disposable blue glove!!  it clung onto the wing mirror and WOULD NOT LET GO!!!  It was exactly the same as the blue glove that adorns the Dentist hand;  we pray this is not a sign of troublesome teeth but rather, something GOOD!!!  We love it.
Final very good para.  due to Owner's positive experience all day long she has started making sensible decisions like, NOT to return to jobs that are not positive, TICK.  also, NOT to watch Enders if is being annoying (Cat and Alfee plus that other one)(Plus several actually).  Instead she watched someone struggling with a beer business.  yes.  Tonight we are alright with Corrie X 1 which is always a winner in this house, followed by Masterchef.  Now we do have a mystery to report and it is that the biscuit trough in the luxury shed, which is filled by Owner every day in case there is a starving feline out there (nigh on impossible, I keep a keen lookout, and they are ALL big and fat) was licked clean!!!  it was not gingertop, who just likes the really expensive biscuits and leaves the others.  Is it a Viking?  you all shout up.  And that folks, is my worry.  If not a Viking, one of their pets.  I will keep you all posted on this new shed mystery.....
No news is good news on the political front.  All we heard and I tried to talk over it as I could see it was wracking up to be a rather annoying news item to Owner was how all these mighty business folk all doing well and such wrote an OPEN letter to Dave (who heads up that tory party) to say how good it all was (for them) and thank you a thousand times etc.  What about! shouted Owner (at the radio) US? Eh?  I distracted her (like it) by burrowing in the luxury tray and scraping out loads of that nice concrete aka litter for her to shovel back.  STOP IT Wonka, she goes.  I love it.  Now do go steady out there in the Wold good folks wherever you are in it.  Big Love Wonka x