Monday, 20 April 2015

Fresh start Mundee

Wonka here.    first up, although Owner (says) she was FULL OF GOOD INTENTIONS, we slumbered on for a good half an hour folks out there all possibly leaping out of bed yourselves at the first TTTRRRRILLLLLLL of the alarm.  All this despite (list because it is ages since we had one) 1.  Me having a prolonged (that word again it is my new fave) choking and coughing fit.  YES I am fine no thanks to Owner who just whispered are you still breathing Wonka ages after I had finished.  2.  A little spat with Bertie Bubb right next to Owner's pillow.  Nothing.  She did not even comment on that in her sleep.  3.  Having a funny dream in the night which she says she has forgotten.  I'll go to the top of our stairs and right back down again!!  I love it.

Freshly made para.  Even though we were latish up, and ready for that jarring phone call from the good agency....nothing happened.    This has freed Owner up to WATCH MORE SNOOKER.  How come? you all question up, how come this means a fresh start then? eh? EH?  it is all in the mind folks, and even though Owner LOOKS the same (well nearly, as her hair has finally gone funny and she reports feeling ugly and old.  all normal folks nothing to worry over. yet) yes, she may look as if everything is the same BUT mentally, she is having a fresh start.  She has been trawling the internet and found a house to rent in an idyllic location. Because it took me half an hour to spell that I now need a few zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz OH!  She says it looks lovely and why don't we consider it.  I am full against it already, as I do not want things to change.  But Wonka, she says up, there is spectacular (another giant word for a Mundee) view of the sea.  personally I would rather sit on my windysill admiring the gulls atop the chimneys NOT look out onto nothing except water.  I am not a huge fan of this.  But those birds...I love them.x

Freshly created cartoon para.  Gingertop is now visiting first thing, and Ruggles had to trek out back after him or her, instead of eating his breakfast.  RUGGLES! went Owner, as he vanished round the gate.  here is said Gingertop:
There we are!  He puts his little funny gingertop head round the open door and I said at least if he is there those pesky Viking can't get a look in.  I love him.x

BIG SNOOKER NEWS!  Bob Milkins from Gloucester lost 10 - 5 to Mr Higgins and we were rather put out by that.  Not to worry as a nice chap with hair a similar colour to gingertop called McGill or something very like that DID get through his match.  Our money is now on him and more on this tmro. x

Miniscule political update para.  It is the last day to register to vote and ALL are going on about that.  Somewhere hidden in all of that is nice Nicola thingy's SNP manifesto.  it promises everything as far as we remember and even mentions that word that we can't say.  (It annoys Owner too much - I'll give you a clue it begins with an A.)  Mustn't say it as it is too close to my tea time.  End of.  and strangely that's what Nicola say she is going to do with the A word. x

Real and proper freshly started final para.  When Owner has too much time to herself she can get into mischief with it. LIKE? you all wonder up.... Like getting on her soapbox overmuch.  So far, I have said YES Owner, and NO Owner, and BLOW ME DOWN Owner, but I did finally say to reign it in a bit Owner.  she didn't hear me above posting another challenging comment and I am now praying that nice agency call her up for work pronto (OOH a new word and I like it.)  She did go out briefly and supposedly to collect a new monster (for aged sibling) from that supermarket that likes to help us.  Despite a nice email saying it had been dispatched and when to collect it, it was not there.  According to the lady at the till, reports Owner to me...YES I goes showing interest and praying for a phone call AND my tea time, WE IGNORE THAT and wait for another email to say it is ready to collect.  zzzzzzzzzzz OH!  Even this did not nudge Owner over the edge though, she is still upbeat and go get em.  yes. 

Tonight we will cling onto Corrie X 2 and Our teenage Mum thingy, has named the babe MILEY. No one showed much surprise even Tim has put a chest of drawers together and Anna cannot now blame Owen for anything as he is not there.  There is a new drama on later and if it is not too scary (right on our bed time folks) I may suggest we watch it.  And the wall to wall snooker continues.....  Do go steady out there in the Wold good folks wherever you are in it.  big Love Wonka x