Saturday, 18 April 2015

Snooker Satdee!

Wonka here.  YES folks it is back!  and without further ado just a small roll on the drums, here is our little cartoon to celebrate!

There it is!!  Last Year Owner followed her dreams and went to Sheffield and the CRUCIBLE Theatre where it all happens.  I had to watch it on the telly whilst Owner WAS THERE!!!  did she see our hero Ronnie the Rocket?  eh?  EH?  Because folks, Ronnie is so swift he finished his session early on the semi final and Owner never did see him.  BUT, she was in the very theatre where it all happens and this folks, was enough.  SHE LOVED IT.X
Fresh snooker ridden para.  Aside from staring at the green baize and listening up to our beloved John Virgo (he says where's the cue ball going OH! and we never tire of him saying it.  NO) tell us all the bits and bobs about the shot - where is it going, is it going in OFF, is the table FAST, did it catch the POCKET and WHY did he miss that easy red.  Owner will be transfixed now and droning on for hours and THAT'S BEFORE we set eyes on Ronnie.  She managed to fling off to the swimming baths and reports her plan is still working (to get to the baths at a time when all else are not there. so far so good folks) and then fling round the maze like supermarket with no horrid till assistants (like that smarmy one the other day. HE WAS TOO FRIENDLY she tells me up.  You wait til I see him I says back!) and no horrid anybody else.  In fact mid week did she meet someone she knew with their new (ish) baby and fell straight in love.  This is always on the cards for Owner and if her heart latches onto to someone OR like Tinkers and the Booleys, we have all had it.  end of. x
Final continuing to be snookerish para.  So far in, we are still on the first rounds of the competition and have watched a complete unknown called MILKIN.  already Owner is transfixed and there will be an update on this match tmro.  What with Britain might have some talent and if not, there is some across the water on later, PLUS our fave Casualtee with those silly old doctors especially the bruvvers, Callum and thingy and my aunty, Owner's daughter cannot abide him (good use of word there).
Small and tiny political update.  Last night we watched Have I got news for you, and Ian thingy and Lord John wotsit had a right good to and fro and we still don't know what the Labour manifesto is anymore than some of the Labour candidates.
Me, Rugglesis and Little sleeping beauty aka Bertie Bubb have all been front lined MEANING less of those pesky fleas.  Personally I don't have any it is all down to the others.  Owner dropped a wet napkin fresh from the poor washing machine on top of rugglesis who was on the top step getting some zzzzzzzz.  Owner, I says up, when I had finished laughing (sorry Rug) how would you like to be hit over the head with a wet red rag thingy?  But she didn't hear me above apologising to Ruggles who retreated to the gate, and hanging the rest of the sodden ( I SAID SODDEN) washing out.  Now do go steady out there in the Wold good folks wherever you are in it.  Big Love Wonka x