Monday, 27 April 2015

Mini Mundee

Wonka here.  Nothing to report up folks so you can all go back to sleep or making your breakfast or tea or that.  Owner got up, could NOT remember any of those wispy dreams, she did not complain or moan up saying things like I DO NOT WANT TO GET UP, or GO TO WORK, etc.  The only thing of note is this: YES you all shout impatient to hear it now.................she went slightly into ugly mode and we teetered (like that word) for a while on whether it was a fully paid up ugly or not.  I am proud to say it passed as she discovered she did in fact look exactly the same as ever! I love it.

Tiny miniscule para.  They are all warning of cold weather to come and there has been snow.  What is going on?  Can we not rely on some warm and spring like weather now.  One minute Owner is trotting round in a tea shirt alright PLUS a warm cardi and the next thing it is back on with the searing hot rads, and out with the pink jumper with a dog on the front.  I said at the time of purchase, I said, WHY Owner, buy a jumper (it goes without saying she did not need it) with a dog on when I prefer to look at one of us, I mean a feline, I mean A CAT LIKE ME.  As per I spoke in vain as she was too busy shouting about how much she loved it to hear me.  x

Mini cartoon para: you have seen gingertop, you have seen me and now it is Rugglesis turn

There he is atop the Blue bin, and he is now King of the yard. BUT I says up to Owner, he looks like a dog and he looks like Sam (Owner's hero dog of years gone by) Well she goes up, now you mention it Wonka I do believe you're right.  (when am I ever wrong Owner I said I mean whispered).  this poses the important question of whether Sam is still around and about.....his water bowl is, and it is in the back yard for any visitors to have a nice cool drink.  We love it. x

Mini election update and run up para.  Mr Ed is still at it, giving away stamp duty this time and Nick the Clegg has been getting hot under the collar with Jezzer Vine on good Radio 2.  Do you think Owner, I says up to show interest and knowledge, he did sound a mite defensive? I DO, she says back. End of.

Final mini mini para.  Will Owner ever return to work you all worry up?  Who knows folks, she has turned down a two day job in a village so far away from here, that really she needs an overnight stay to do it.  That is a slight exaggeration but I am not sorry.  you cannot, I droned to Owner be up at the crack of dawn to get there only to face a long journey home.  What if, I continued, you are not happy there.  Being happy folks, is more important than money.  Blimey I never thought I would say that!  And only because I did a quick check of food supplies and we have enough in for the week. Yes.

Bertie bubb surprised us all yesterdee by coming out into the open. OH goes Owner, you are out of the wardrobe.  He then went on his special pillycase on the giant nest I like to call my own; it wasn't till I sniffed round a bit that we found out why he was out and not in.  The wardrobe door was firmly shut. I BET THAT WAS YOU accused Owner, to me.  Would I? eh? EH?  As for Ruggles, I am being fairly well behaved and have not lashed out.  I did dab at Owner's foot just lightly mind, when my nerves got the better of me and she agreed on that. x

Tonight, Owner is able to face Enders and the aftermath (nice one) of all these funerals and such.  Someone might tell Shirlee she doesn't need to be in every scene eh.  In Corrie  Kevin who is all things to the garage, has a strange girlfriend and only Sofee his daughter has realised.  Oh and Reetah in the Kabin. and possibly Norris too.  Oh maybe everyone but him then.  Whatever else is happening in the Wold tmro we can rely on the Snooker to bring Owner back round.  We love it.  Do go steady out there in the Wold good folks wherever you are in it.  Big Love Wonka x