Thursday, 12 November 2015

A little Thursdee

Howdy Folks and docvedanya, bonsoir and CHOW!

What you all wonder has been going on?  Owner had another shout for work and off she went all dressed up and raring to go.  At least til the top of the street where all the other rarin to go traffic was gathered.  ROADWORKS Wonka, she droned to me, and this of course is the reason why it took Owner hours to cross the street yesterdee.  THERE IS NO SUCH THING, she tells me up, AS A SHORT CUT Wonka.  I mean, I could have advised the same......when I got my latest attack of the sniffles, which Owner tried to fend off with only ONE injection, I knew it would take another visit and another very expensive injection!! End of. X

Here is our fourth in the #Wonkaseries, and introduces beloved Baba to the tales.
There we are!! once more, to keep up with me, just go to and find it there.  Conversations with Wonka, part two. X
Alongside all these shouts for work, Owner had approx. half a millilitre of sleep. Personally I don't recommend watching The Apprentice before bedtime, or any other horror story for that matter.
Tonight, we must cuddle up to Masterchef the quarter finals and watch the continuing transformation of Marcus Scaring into a really nice chef stroke judge.  Now it is Fridee tmro and all for the Children in Need.  Owner has entered a competition to fling herself into the Dine and Disco thingy run by Chris Evans and I did say if you win who will go with you?? AHA! she says back.  this, along with many other things is a mystery. I MAY NOT WIN, she said, yes, I goes back, but you might........
Get your best slippers on and settle back in your comfy ZEN box like me, and go square eyed for the night with more of those pesky Vikings and UHTRED (X).  Big Love Wonka X