Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Fears what fears!

Owner can launch herself into a worry jive faster than a dripping tap and we should know all about that in this house. (and I'm not sorry tap.x)
'What if this and what if that?' she drones to me.
'AND SO WHAT IF IT DOES' I goes back in that annoying and mind numbing counselling way.
'and what if the other........'
After I had asked the billion dollar question (are you going to Europe again Owner and she says no not in the next few weeks anyway just the shops) I says, the only way forward is to dig your claws in and face your purrs I MEAN FEARS.
'What,'  she goes up, 'You mean like being poverty stricken and old and ugly - and my hair not going right.?'
I rest my paws folks and everything.  Secretly, her biggest fear is the release of our Christmas Story.  Personally, I think I can cope with every drop of fame and fortune that pops through the letter box.  End of. X
Now as promised, the next #Wonkastory in the series is this one.
There we are! And the poor back door is featured (get me) yet again. x Just go to www.smashwords.com and find it there.
In other news, now Owner is on the scrap heap and being ignored by all three zero hours agencies (how could it be......) there is more time for me, I mean us.  Ruggles has been playing with one of my jingly balls.  Bertie has had a change of pilly case and his igloo is moved round. He WAS CRUSHED UP TO THE GAS METER Owner droned to me, as if I care!!! Sorry Bertie!
Now all I can advise you folks out there all doing your best and sometimes not, give them all the eyeball and a dazzling smile! Best whiskers and Big love Wonka X