Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Out of The Blue!

Blow me right down the stairs and back again folks, if Owner hasn't been brought back to life and OUT OF THE SCRAP HEAP......usually, in fact it is a law in our house, if Owner does not set her alarm, and if when she wakes up the first three, four or five times and says to me WONKA, JUST 5 MORE MINS, this more or less guarantees a phone call from the good agency (the first one) to say ARE YOU AVAILABLE??
'Yes' mumbles Owner.
Then folks, does she suddenly start doing three, four and five jobs all at once.  The only thing that trips her up is brushing her teeth (Hallo Dentist! OH I forgot she hasn't got one now.x) because you can't do anything else whilst you are. End of.

HANG ON!! this thing has published itself without me doing anything and this folks is in keeping with the strange mechanics of the universe or is it the moon or mercury - Owner has a few theories on the go. BUT onto the business of the day:
There we are! the third book in the #wonkastories is this one, 'Even more Wonka - Golly goes to Heaven.' Find it on X
Personally, this is one of my faves.  Just saying. X
Now in case you are all a bit upside down and how your father, it is ALL written in the stars and will pass. IT BETTER HAD droned Owner, who had to practically throw herself over the street when she had managed to park up.  NO ONE would slow down for me and my shopping she moaned up.  I do know this folks because I watched it all happen from the safety of the bay window.  I cannot though condone (good use of word) what she was shouting at the cars whipping past her.  No. (I forgive you Owner. x)
Now do sharpen up your claws for the day ahead, Jeudi, that is in Frenchy French (Owner sat through a French lesson.  Oui.) and keep those whiskers bristling!  big Love Wonka X