Thursday, 19 November 2015

Sun's Out!

It is very off putting, drones Owner to me, when instead of dull dark rain soaked days, it goes all SUNNY instead.
Personally, from my vantage point on the sideboard folks, I like it.  It is nearly I SAID NEARLY as good as being crushed up against a searing hot rad.  And here I am basking in said sunlight:

Yes I know, it is not from today's sunny shine BUT as good as folks!  And from here I can spy outside and see what the yard is up to.  And those cheeky seagulls.  I love them. X

Is Owner basking in the sunnyshine you all shout up and ask me? It is all in the pipeline folks, and despite Owner being full of nerves I have said to her STOP A MINUTE and enjoy whatever is coming to you as you Owner, have worked hard for it. (it was on the cusp of breakfast, yes).x

In other more exciting news, our beloved Uhtred, who is half Viking and half Saxon (we think) is on our screens tonight.  And that pesky scheming Arthur, he is on it too, battling away for Wessex which is somewhere down South of England.  Everywhere important is down there. Are you saying, went Owner to me, that up here UP NORTH is not important Wonka? NO, I says back quickly.  Especially not our bit.X

Now today, who knows and I am hoping that Owner flings off out to the shops (I have checked she is not going to Europe again this so I can get some zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.  Tomorrow we are reminding folk out there of our Duffel stories! Duffel is a young man, from another world, quite ordinary BUT of course with a few special powers and a dog called Sam. Until then, only scratch if absolutely necessary! and keep those whiskers bristling! Big Love Wonka X