Friday, 27 November 2015

Forty percent!!

You will all want to know how Owner did yesterdee......and if you don't I AM GOING TO TELL YOU ANYWAY!!!
(fame will not go to my furry head NO.x)

First thing to note is that luckily, Owner remembered her name whilst NO ONE else did.  Who are you? they kept on saying to her and 'WHAT BOOK?' and We thought Wonka was........(apparently folks someone else has a name just like mine and it is to do with chocolate - which I approve of! x and even better, our hero Gene Wilder who we love to the top of the stairs and back, played him in a film! X)

Yes, so Owner decided to bite the bullet and visit three yes THREE places prior to said radio interview:
There she is!! and she reports up that luckily she had some business cards (with me on naturally.) to hand out to the unsuspecting shop folk.  One of them, announced she was a supervisor and Owner thought for a moment she meant of the entire world but it turned out it was just the books section. yes.
Were they in awe of you Owner? I did ask up (It was smacking up close to a snack time folks and you appreciate this is high on my list of things to do.x) NO ONE seemed to think I had done anything special Wonka, she droned back to me, and then she revealed that one of the shops would take FORTY PERCENT for letting her sit in it and sign copies of her own books that she had supplied  AND promoted all on her own.  And then Owner revealed: She asked me how much my book was selling for Wonka - and I didn't know! and she looked down her nose at me!
And if that isn't my Owner summed up I will go to the luxury shed and stay in it!!! Art for art's sake is Owner's motto and of course I agree as long as there are biscuits on the side..................x
After all the excitement of yesterdee is it any wonder we slept in zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz until I gave Owner the weensiest dab with my top claw!  That sorted it out! Now I want you all to go steady as it is the end of a BIG week PLUS there is a full moon hanging around.  Lay back, dream big, and see you soon.  big love Wonka X