Wednesday, 25 November 2015


Owner is entrenched (good word that for a Wednesdee and in fact, mid-week.) in her enormous pit of despair.

WHAT NOW! you all shout up as one.

Owner has been convinced that (list) 1.  no one will listen to her interview (I did say in which case it matters not Owner if it is terrible - but I whispered it from deep within my amaZEN box and she may not have heard me......x) 2. no one will like her. (Impossible!) 3.  and here is the million dollar mind wobbling real question.............HOW, she goes up to me, CAN FOLK LIKE AN INVISIBLE BOOK????

Now I must own up good folks out there all thinking what the heck? that question had me VERY slightly worried.  But then I realised, she simply means, IF it is not on show on a shelf in a good book shop how will the adoring public (my adoring public.x) want it or buy it or anything? I did say give folk more credit they can simply rush to their nearest bookstore AND ORDER Wonka's Christmas Story OVER THE COUNTER, but she wasn't paying attention, as per......

This is where it all began and who knew it would be such a nerve wracking ride for Owner! Me? thanks for asking, I am a cool cat as you know, and here folks, was my simple and straightforward solution.
WHY NOT I says, approach either the bookshop you like the most.....AND the local library and BE NICE (tricky I know) and let them all know you are about to burst out with our Christmas Story on Mundee Nov 30th???  and this folks, is what she is revving up to do!! thankfully, I had this idea stroke plan stroke of genius before breakfast otherwise................
Even more promising is the news that Owner is slaving away at Mencap today and keeping those wolves from the door! Thanks Owner and just think I says to her, this will stop you worrying about your radio interview tomorrw! Crikey. After all this advising I need some zzzzzzzzzzzzz.
Now my best advice to all you good folks out there, is steady as you go, whiskers on the alert and dust your plans off for a successful day! Big love Wonka X