Sunday, 15 November 2015

Hallo again Sundee

Another dull damp day (ooh! alliteration!) outside.
IT'S GONE WARMER... says Owner flinging open windows and doors.  personally I can stand any amount of cuddling up to the searing hot rads and I know for a fact that Bertie Bubb (aka the dormouse) and Ruggles feel the same. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz OH!

BUT Owner is still mindful (like that word) that all those little creatures that live off other creatures and DO NOT GIVE ANYTHING BACK (parasites do you mean Owner I goes up? YES she says back to me) also like it hot! I have pleaded with Owner not to get the monster back out of the cupboard today as I have searched my Zen box for visitors and found DE RIEN. End of.

On to the next story in our #wonkaseries and blow me down to the bottom of our stairs if it isn't the first version of (sound of trumpets on high) Wonka's Christmas Story!! I couldn't be more proud of this if I tried and I'm not going to.
There it is!! do look out for the new illustrated version coming to a bookshop near you OR that one in the sky come November 30th. Published by our new best friends Austin Macauley.(X)
Owner cannot believe it and neither can aged parent who has quizzed her on it all relentlessly PLUS she wants to give away lots of the books to her friends, ten at the last count.  Could they buy them instead Mother, says Owner, hopefully. Yes.x
Now last night Owner tried to concentrate on the dancing and Gleb (from Russia with love) and Anita. BUT it didn't work.  Then she tried to concentrate on the singing (some of it was) BUT that failed too and finally I says, how about a spot of Casualtee Owner? that got on Owner's nerve.  Especially Dr Shoo.  she has bullied this poor trainee who has now left.  That and every other Dr or Nursey (except Charlie who is an angel and was nice to Dr Shoo).  Perhaps owner I says up from that dark corner crushed up to the standard lamp, it is you and not them.  Luckily she was too busy moaning at Connie and thingy to hear me.
Today we will take it steady zzzzzzzzzzzzOH and I am even now looking forward to the peace that descends (get me) the minute Owner flings off out. I FORGOT TO VOTE she drones to me and I did say it will be all your fault Owner if darling Gleb and Anita don't get to Blackpool. (Only joking!!!x)
Have a good day folks, and if you get chance, have a good preen up and wash round.  big Love Wonka X