Saturday, 7 November 2015

November November

Howdy up from our tiny rain-soaked isle (poetic or wot?!).  Owner got up at 5 30 am and I could NOT persuade her to stay up and get on with our breakfast.  NO Wonka, she mumbled, and trots back to bed.  BBBBRRRNNNGGG! It always seems like five mins later and the good alarm goes off.  it isn't the alarm's fault I said to Owner from well under the bed.  (which needs a miniscule hoover by the way.BUT not while I'm under it! sorry Monster!)
The first thing we noticed this good November morn was this folks:
That's November for you I shouts up! Well, I want some sunshine in it, she says back to me.  it is on order and who knows it could turn up too. X
Now we are at the weekend which as you know good folks all relaxing and maybe polishing your claws out there, is WALL TO WALL reality tv in this house.  We will be glued to Strictly and our fave GLEB who is a pesky Russian (X) and ANITA who isn't (X).  He is very intelligent but that's not the only reason Owner likes him. Then it is the singing or what passes for it, and we don't have a fave yet.  Only a slight one. THEN there is Casualtee if we can fit it in somewhere and we want to as we love Connie but not Rita. End of.
Do enjoy your Satdee out there folks, and get your hankies ready for Down town abbey which is approaching the end.  Owner is already mourning the loss of Dowager, Lady Grantham, as she is as sharp as a sword.  or is it a knife.  AND we've not mentioned beloved UHTRED that pesky Anglo stroke Dane!! (Last Kingdom)(X) We are dedicated it seems to the lot of them! 
Until later, Big Love Wonka X
PS in other news, Rugglesis has a small knot of fur near his tail and will not (no puns please!) let Owner anywhere near it.  Bertie is on a clean pillycase and has been sighted near the water hole.  X