Wednesday, 2 December 2015

A special photoshoot!

special because all the times Owner has done a little photoshoot

special because Owner is specially special (Owner said that is nonsense to say that Wonka but I like it, so. End of.X_

so folks out there all as happy as larks (and if you're not you must read some #wonkastories now!) here is the book!!   We are proud to present the very first published Wonka story! and Owner says I must pay tribute to nice Austin Macauley Publishers for looking twice (or I wouldn't get my tea-time.x) If you wanted your very own copy and I cannot think of any reason why you wouldn't...go to the bookshop in the sky (amazen I mean amazon OR startle the staff in Waterstones or Smiths and beg them to order it over a real counter.x

Owner has been so excited about this, she has caught a cold.  Personally, I have tried to catch it and pop it out back but I couldn't find it anywhere..................I'LL BE FINE she croaked to me earlier.  That's good Owner I says back, because me, ME, me oh yes and Bertie Bubb and Ruggles are all starving.  See you soon folks, Big Love Wonka X