Monday, 7 December 2015

Back to it Tuesdee

yesterdee passed us by in a dream folks - there was nearly a shout for work, then there wasn't, there was nearly a very expensive non essentials shopping trip, then there wasn't:

HOWCOME Owner, I challenged up when she fell back in with a bag from that sparkles shop, YOU DIDN'T BUY that cardie ? EH??

It turns out that the cardie was for aged parent, and when Owner coaxed it to the till, the sales assistant announced it was over a hundred pounds (altogether with the other non essentials which I have passed.x) PARDON.....said Owner, surprised. and then...HOW MUCH??? and further down the line -----

SORRY, I looked at it without my glasses on.  Luckily, the sales assistant continued with the transaction (OOH) as if this was normal. and maybe it is in that shop. end of.x

There we are!! and it's a Conversations with Wonka advent!
for Day 8..............X
In other more exciting news, Ruggles is still popping into the luxury shed BUT coming home again, and Bertie bubb knows no different.x and, Owner has some work lined up.  Well Done Owner I says up, to spur her on and save us from starvedom. Plus, it was smack on one of my trough topping up times (how's that for alliteration folks!!! out done myself.x)
Finally, it is an entire week since our Christmas Story has been blowing about in the bookshop in the sky. thanks, amazen! x
~Be sure to have a good day dream yourselves folks out there, and keep that tail twitching!!  Big Love Wonka X