Saturday, 19 December 2015

Hey Up Satdee!!!

Yes folks, somehow we have arrived at the last Satdee before the day............. are we ready or are we ready???!

There we are!!  Owner's fave ornament (alright one of them.x) and it is little donkey with a carrier at the back that has got things in it.  it is to celebrate Day 19 of my special advent and we love him!!!X
Now apart from going on a giant worry wart to beat all worry warts (no one Wonka will like my story, me, my life, my cooking, my outfit and so on and so forth Fact. x) Owner is fine.  She looks fine, and all is fine (except in her head folks.....x) BUT......
tonight is the night of the Strictly Final:
'Shall we watch it or not Wonka?' she says to me after a week of sulking. (we love you #Anita and #Gleb!!X)
'It would be foolish not to,' I says back full of love and compassion and wotnot.  Oh, and fair play.
Will Owner give in and watch it?? you will have to wait until tomorrow folks to find out.  I did say, Owner, no one NO ONE does a sulk better than you, but I whispered it as my trough was a bit low on best biscuits.  End of.X
Today Owner is flinging off out of it with aged sibling to a festive meal. We will draw a veil over that and go on to the next exciting thing to report up and that is folks out there are liking and reading our story (our Christmas story. Fact.X) What more could we ask?
De Rien as I like to say up!
Do go on to have favourite and fab Satdees yourselves all going about your Christmas business or not or what.  And whatever you do...............keep smiling!!!! Big Love Wonka X