Thursday, 24 December 2015

The Day before Christmas!

Are you ready folks? Owner is sort of.

I MIGHT GO TO THE SHOPS one last time, she says up.

We must bear in mind it is for ONE DAY ONLY that all must be perfect EVEN if the other days can be getting there.  Personally, I am all in favour of Owner going out for a nice breath of fresh air (it is blowing a gale) and some nice cleansing rain (it is pouring. Fact.x).  This will be before a frenzy of baking and such like BUT not up to Masterchef standards. More about this down below.  AFTER:

It would not be a proper fully fledged Christmas without a mention of Wonka's Christmas Story!! Do get yourself a copy, as you will Love It!! surprise your local bookstore and order one....X
We stayed up specially to watch the penultimate (GASP) masterchef.  there are three chefs left battling it out in sunny Italy. (X) in a beauty kitchen making salads that look like gardens. yes. WHO ARE THEY? you all shout up to know.  NICK, SCOTT and MARK.  And the winner is..... we want either Scott or Nick to win.  Nick is like Uncle Buck and is a generous hearty cook.  Scott is full of beans and Owner says he is PERSONABLE. Yes.  What of Mark you all say full of sympathy.  He is a bit hit and miss and what Owner calls predictable.(sorry Mark.x) In other words, it is anyone's game (Monica and Gregg and Marcus.X)
Has Owner been through the Radio Times with a fine toothcomb? YES. Am I being Good? YES.  and the best news of all, is that after a good fight round the shops yesterdee, Owner returned with a mysterious blue carrier bag. 
DON'T LOOK IN THERE WONKA! she tells me up. 
Well of course I've wandered near to it a couple of times...........could it be a special something??? yes I spose I must share it all with Bertie and Rug as that is the spirit of Christmas.  And you folks out there all cooking and wrapping and such like....I just have this to say:
The spirit of Christmas gets in just about everywhere, in your kitchens where you might have a Ruggles cat like us, in your bedrooms where my giant nest is, in your living rooms and Narnia cupboards where there is room for a Bertie Bubb or get ready! Be nice and Play Fair! Big Love Wonka X