Thursday, 17 December 2015

Day 17 is here!

Are we hopeful and full of faith still in this household??
Reasons to stay cheerful and NOT go funny (Owner.x)

1.  Good Yorkshire Water sent Owner a refund, for an overpayment made..............................8 years' ago.  this is an EPIC reason for Owner to cheer up and stop moaning that she is on the scrapheap, she is old and ugly and wotnot. x
2.  The funny dry patch on my back ('What is that Wonka?' says Owner full of fear and dread) is not bigger nor smaller than yesterdee.x
3.  Ruggles DID come back yesterdee from whatever mystery place he ran away to.x
4.  He has not run away today, he has gone back to bed.  End of.x(and Fact.x)
5.  Someone is reading the Wonka stories on and we love him her or them X
6.  Owner has received (how posh am I?!x) a merry Christmas email from the Public Lending Rights to the British Library. WHOA. this is because (we think.x) that good folks who want to borrow Wonka's Christmas Story from a lending library CAN!! x

hang on? Can I hear a dog barking with delight???
I thought so!! and it is Diva woofing up, for Day 17 - there she is with her Owner, Em, and Gordon. Oh and I think I spy good fairy at her ear, and bad fairy by her tail.............x
In other more exciting news, Owner is starting to talk more freely about Strictly.  You will recall folks, the terrible demise and debacle (hey up!!) of Sundee's result show, when the Judges all failed in their job of picking the right couple - our beloved Gleb and Anita? since then we HAVE NOT BEEN ALLOWED to watch It takes two (Zoe the Ball) OR listen to Mr Evans on his breakfast bingo of a show chatter on about the FINAL. Will Owner relent and let us watch the show on Satdee??? Watch this space folks.......x
Now yesterdee, was a nerve jangling day droned Owner to me, and she was INCHES away from losing her temper. And? I says up in the horrid annoying way...... I LIKE TODAY better she told me. it's a start folks and that's all I'm saying. Now if you, are a bit nerve jangled yourselves, take a tip from me:
Have a couple of biscuits to stock up your energy levels, have a few zzzzzzzzzz and then, you are ready to face the world!! Until tomorrow folks, Big Love Wonka X