Sunday, 13 December 2015

Good Sundee

GOOD morning lovely folks out there all enjoying your sundee snoozles. I AM SETTING the alarm, droned Owner to me last night.  I mean, all Owner has to do is tell me what time to get up and I have no end of alarming actions:
1.  Dab (lightly) at Owner's lip.
2.  JUMP (quite heavily) on Owner's feet.
3.  BOTH!!!!!

I love it.  Now we need a new word up for today and here it is:
PHENOMENAL.  If you say it quickly it doesn't hurt so much and good Darcy judge on Strictly last eve, used it to describe beloved GLEB (from Rusky Russia) and ANITA's dance.  Craig slightly liked it and so did Uncle Len and Mad Bruno. They must get through to the Final or Owner will sulk and NO ONE wants that.  End of.X

Somehow folks we have edged up to another advent:
There we are!!! and it is DAY 13 from your bestest ever Christmas Story!!! Go and cuddle up to it now! X
I'm not saying that Owner is Stressed, OR not focussed OR in a dream world BUT when she fell out of the supermarket that is helping us with little yesterdee and expected a stranger's car to open up with the help of her car key.......that folks is the sign. IT LOOKED EXACTLY the same as mine she tells me up later..after she had parked up in the pouring rain and dragged all the fresh supplies in.  EXCEPT Owner, I goes back, it was not, the car with no name but some other car!!!!
She says she realised that when she saw that it was stuffed full of strange boxes and more significantly (get me) there were no teddies or toys in sight.  Thereby ending any comparison. X
Are we in for a nice relaxing day where all I do is move from my ZEN box to the side and have a few dreamies (biscuits which SAY they improve my skin and coat and I love them.x) have a peek at Bertie Bubb, maybe a quick paw under the door with Ruggles and plenty of zzzzzzzzzzz?? If Owner cracks on, and goes off out for essentials PLUS a swim (if it hasn't closed down for Xmas.  Owner is prepared for this.  What will you do Owner I asked up? Put up with it, she says back.x) - yes, is she finally goes off out, I can rest up.x
Do have a nice little Sundee yourselves folks, and keep that coat of yours clean and shiny, and your whiskers tingling!  Big Love Wonka X