Monday, 28 December 2015

The Day After The Day After!

Are you over it yet?
OVER WHAT? you all whisper up.................
I asked Owner what day it was this morning when she finally announced it was getting up time.... it is the day after the day after, she told me.

and that folks sums it up nicely.x

This is accounts day in our house and this means I must BE GOOD for hours on end while Owner figures out (sorry!x) how much money we haven't got to last for the entire month of January.
This is the only time when my everlasting positive attitude and optimistic worldview (I have outdone myself and I know it.Fact.) let me down.  All I can see is a dwindling supply of my superior biscuits, cheap cement I mean cat litter, and cat food NO ONE in their right mind would eat.  On the other paw, Owner is relentlessly encouraging and full of it: 'IT WILL ALL TURN OUT OK Wonka.' x

Now for an update on our Toy Story:
Have you looked at it yet Wonka? you all want to know.
NO.  I have taken as much interest in my new Christmas play tunnel as the funny tasting and looking cat treats that were in my stocking.  Owner is hoping that the stranger in the night, who pops into the luxury shed and nibbles away at the cheap biscuits she puts out there (for starving strangers) will like them. it is waste not want not OUTBACK and if you please INSIDE.X
In other more exciting news, Owner has trailed through the jobs in our area and found one to apply for.  it is working for a bird sanctuary and has got my full approval.x
We have watched more wall to wall dramas and wotnot and Owner is in love with Aidan (then there were none) and he is still alive in it. We love Dickensian and despite her promise not to mention Bullseye, Sikes's dog one more time she has done. And finally, even though I tested her out with what day it is first thing she now thinks it is Tuesdee.  I rest my paws and everything......x
Bertie bubb is resting up nicely in the Narnia and Rug took a short constitutional (OOOHHHHH!) up the top of the yard before falling into a deep sleep on his heated pad.x
Do go on to have a fun filled day with or without those pesky accounts!  big Love Wonka X