Friday, 11 December 2015

Welcome to Fridee!

Willkommen! Welcome!Je t'adore and dobro pozhalovat!!
I am nothing if not cosmopolitan or is that an icecream?? sorry icecream if it is.x

Now we have all arrived safely at Fridee and Owner DID pop our latest story onto so you can all have a merry and free read with big love from us XX It is Conversations with Wonka part six and you will love it.  With a hanky. x

It is the Santa Tea Light for Day 11! and he is in our published story Wonka's Christmas Story.  Owner says she has never been so happy this Christmas time as all her dreams are coming true. And if her dreams are, that means mine are too!! x
Not to forget Bertie Bubb or Ruggles, how could I, I never would etc etc.... Ruggles has a freshly washed woolley blanket and Bubb has a clean pillow PLUS a fresh pilly case on it.  ME? thanks for asking, I have my comfort box from that nice company in the sky Amazen. it still has a few scraps of brown paper in the bottom for me to rustle round on and I love it millions.x
In other more exciting news we watched the final of our beloved series The Last Kingdom all about those pesky danes and King Alfred (NOT Arthur as Owner insisted on calling him for weeks on end until I warned her not to.x)BUT there will be more, more Uhtred and more battles.  We love it.
Today is our hairdressing day and goodness knows what colour Owner will settle on next BUT I will admire it and praise it OR risk a missed snack or three. Now do have a tip top Fridee folks out there and remember to put a spring in your paws and purr up!!
Big Love Wonka X