Monday, 16 May 2016


Owner is an expert on agencies.  HOW MANY HAS SHE REGISTERED WITH Wonka? I've lost count.  One thing they all have in common (says Owner) is lying through their remaining teef.
 surely not Wonka! you all gasp up in astonishment.  here are a few examples according to my bestest Owner in the entire street.(I could have gone next door.....ONLY JOKING!X).

They say things like IT WILL ONLY TAKE A COUPLE OF WEEKS TO REGISTER YOU......months later when Owner has given up she does ring them....OH WE ARE WAITING FOR YOUR references they say.....then Owner rings up again and it is YES WE STILL WANT YOU!  Liars all she says to me....and sometimes she will say IS IT MY AGE?? Folks, if I were an agency I would snap her up! in a shake of my best biscuits.
There we are!!  The last good agency where Owner went to SELL herself.  If Marx were here Wonka, she droned to me, he would spin in his grave!!X
Owner also has a theory.  WHAT IS IT WONKA?  the more she enjoys the interview, the less likely she is to 1.  get the job 2. get registered to get a sniff of a job 3. get a phone call to say she is getting neither.X
Is there any good news Wonka? you all shout up to me now it is Mundee and all.  Listen up folks.  There are at least two reasons to celebrate like Queenie did at Windsor Castle last night (it was spectacular folks!  all those horseys dancing and prancing PLUS a little white one.  we loved it!) - IT IS NOT RAINING. as yet and
Owner has finished YES finished the latest Duffel story.  More on that tmro folks!  All that coaxing and dabbing at Owner with a little claw has paid off! End of and story fact up.X
Do enjoy your first day of the week and take a tip from me - do not under any circumstances take a real reading of your gas or electric AS ALL that will happen is you have a fit of nerves like Owner did just now.  DON'T READ THEM I whispered up as she shone the flashlight of the only mobile at the numbers. I CANNOT ring these in she murmured to me, in the dark now the light has gone out - or we will be in debt for evermore.  Personally folks I thought we were there already.............!!  And Bertie bubb thought the Vikings had invaded when he saw the light flashing.  (Rug is hardfast in his box in the shed and has to be coaxed out with expensive cat food.  I know.x)  Until next time, flex those credit cards folks!! Big Love Wonka X